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Bez For Brandon! Submitted on 30/04/2006 by ?
An email sent from David Drape-Comyn of Brandon United:

Our club needs all the help it can get at the moment! It really is a shame as this club since the late 70's has come from Sunday morning football to Northern League Champs in 2003. Roy of the Rover's stuff!

Brandon United Football Club is hosting a Sportsman’s evening on May 2nd 2006. Bar opens at 7pm

The evening will be hosted by Graeme Forster from G.R.A.S.S and will feature ex-Newcastle player John Beresford along with sports reporters Alan Oliver & John Gibson .

The evening includes a Sports Quiz, Auction, Raffle & Buffet.

Tickets cost £10

For more information contact David Drape-Comyn on 0191 373 7191 or 07737 186133.
 RESULT . . . Birmingham City 0-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 29/04/2006
Roeder to Ruin ? (Part 4) Submitted on 28/04/2006 by Greavsie
As well as promoting some good debate, it seems that some of my comments have been taken out of context, and Johnna's reply is misreprsenting what I have said.

I am not stating that I believe him to be the best man for the managers job, only that I believe that what Roeder has done is deserving of him being involved with the first team and that he seems to be a decent coach. I think that would be unlikely if anyone else was appointed manager, as they always bring in their own team, which could even result in Roeder being forced to leave the club if the new man didn't want him around. To me that would be unfair on him given the upturn in results.

I do agree that this is Freddie's last chance to get it right, and I'm sure he knows that, which is why I am a bit suprised at the decision - but the debate on who should be manager is almost a moot point now.

It would appear that he is going to get the manager's job, providing Freddie can get the Premier League to accept his plan of working for the UEFA Pro A licence (or whatever the correct term is) whilst doing the job. However I do think he would be better to have a senior experienced person with him, or even above him, but thats seems unlikely from reports - someone like Hitzfeld would seem ideal for this. So if and when he gets the job, what option do we have but to get behind him?, as Charlton apart, he seems to have done OK so far, and a damn sight better than that muppet Souness.
Roeder to Ruin ? (Part 3) Submitted on 27/04/2006 by Carzo
Greavsie, Johna,

May I suggest that there is only one potentially available candidate. Martin O'Neill.

If unavailable Mr Roeder would be a reasonable choice for continuities sake.

Mind you, What do I know? I vowed never to go to a match again after the crock of sh*t I saw at Charlton away this season.

It`s interesting to note however, that my computer offers "Greasier" as a spelling alternative for Greavsie.
Roeder to Ruin ? (Part 2) Submitted on 27/04/2006 by Johna

Sorry mate but I think you have got it completely wrong. Roeder in my opinion is clearly not what we want as a manager. Admittedly, he has steadied the ship and has been some changes….but changes every fckn fan could see were obviously required.

How many times have we heard about up and coming English managers??? The press always start raving about them as soon as they put a few wins together…next England manager etc etc. Today’s hero…but…....tomorrow’s favourite for the sack!!

For example

Steve Bruce – about to get relegated with Birmingham, thank god we did not get him
Bryan Robson – about to get relegated with West Brom, after failing at Boro
Iain Dowie – great cup runs last year but got relegated with Palace
Steve Coppell – maybe back on the up with Reading but touted 3 years ago as one of the new breed,
subsequently relegated
David Moyes – Champions league to mediocrity
Stuart Pearce – the press wanted him as next England manager 8 weeks ago….now in freefall

And so on…you are only as good as your last game and we make too many average performers into heroes far too quickly and easily

What we need is a man who has done it at the highest levels in Europe year in/ year out. Names like Hitzfeld and Hiddink who were available are the types of characters we need. They know the world and European scene, the players, the scouting networks etc etc ….ironically a bit like Bobby before age got the better of him…but cast your memory back, that is exactly what Sir Bob brought us …..from nothing to competing in the Champions League again

That is what we need and what we truly deserve…so I am afraid son….I think Roeder is completely the wrong choice and would be extremely disappointed if Freddie went this way. On the other hand, if this was to be Freddie’s last chance and he would go if he got it wrong then… food for thought!!

 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-0 West Bromwich Albion Submitted on 26/04/2006 by Beat
Popular Side
A seat in the East Stand, with young Kirkwood, meant that Fireman Andy’s extended half-time round came close to the £25. Quiet Lad had managed to sort out to some users for the spare tickets, but for some reason they preferred his company in the Gallowgate end.

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Roeder to Ruin ? (Part 1) Submitted on 26/04/2006 by Greavsie
Roeder The New Boss???

Despite denials from Freddy that any deal has been agreed, the number of different sources carrying the 'Roeder is the new boss' story would seem to suggest its just a matter of time before it is formally announced.

There's little doubt that Roeder has presided over a period of much improved results. For me personally, his main achievement is that he has showed all of the Souness apologists just how bad a manager he actually was. With a bit of commonsense and organisation, and a similar injury situation, Roeder has managed to gain more points in three months than Souness did in the previous six. The rise up the table, has surely justified and exceeded any compensation the club may have had to fork out to get rid of him. Roeder also seems to talk a lot of sense when he's being interviewed, and doesn't get carried away too much either way.

To try to be objective, not all of the performances have been outstanding, but for the most part the end result has turned out the right way. The notable exception would have to be Charlton away, when the defending was shambolic, and there was a serious lack of effort in the second half. There have also been defeats against Chelsea, Man U & Liverpool, but the team at least made Chelsea work hard for their victory. Its unlikely that any other manager would have done much better given the players available for those games. There's also a question over the quality of the teams in the premiership. With the exception of the top four or five, who seem much better than the rest, and the bottom three or four who are dire, there doesn't seem to be a lot between teams. But we are beating these teams at the minute, whereas we were losing under Souness, and Roeder has managed to work out that the defence is much better without Boumsong. My biggest bug-bear has been the decision to keep substituting Solano for Dyer, when surely the two should have had a chance to play together (if you believe Dyer is worthy of a place at all), as they worked well together under Robson.

Whether this decision, if it is to be confirmed, has been made because Freddy believes he is the right man for the job, or because Martin O'Neill has not shown any inclination to accept the job, or simply beacuse Roeder will be the cheapest option and the best option for keeping Shearer involved (should he wish to be), it would not seem fair to have Roeder banished back to the Academy - or out of the door should a new man simply not want him around. He seems to be a decent coach, which is something we have been lacking for ages, and I think he deserves to be working with the senior squad.

The main concern I would have about him being in overall control, would be his ability to identify and attract quality players to the club. If we get into the UEFA Cup, that should prove easier, but the club itself is well known around Europe, so hopefully a relatively unknown manager shouldn't be viewed as a negative on the part of potential recruits. Its just a question of who he will target and who he will get rid of, and that's something none of us will be able to judge until after the event. Having said that, I would still feel more comfortable with an experienced person on board in a senior role to advise Roeder, which may yet happen.

Anyway, we should all get behind him & give him our full support if he gets the job. He deserves it far more than Souness ever did.

'Glenn Roeder's Black & White Army !!!!!'
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-0 West Bromwich Albion     more . . . Submitted on 23/04/2006
 MATCH REPORT . . . Sunderland 1-4 Newcastle United Submitted on 23/04/2006 by Sean
Oh How We Laughed!
I hadn’t been this excited about going to the match for a long time! The anticipation of going to their ‘stadium’ and wallowing in their utter suffering made me tingle. Yes it’s true they had this one last chance of minor redemption. I’d be lying to claim that the thought of them only winning one game all season and that game being against us hadn’t crossed my mind more than once since they abandoned the Fulham game because it was cold, it had weighed heavily in irrational moments of pessimism. However the thought of what we could do to them and how we could torture them was just mouthwatering and based completely within the realms of sanity.

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Travelcard Renewal for 06/07 Submitted on 21/04/2006 by Smike
I'll be collecting travelcard money for next season at the West Brom game on Saturday.

No messing about with application forms this year. Simply return your current travelcard (05/06) with your payment and that'll guarentee you one for next season.

Prices - £10 & £5 for consessions.

Submitted by Smike.
West Brom game – spare tickets Submitted on 20/04/2006 by Beat
There’s a choice of tickets available for Saturday’s game against West Bromwich Albion. There is a pair in the family stand or two together in the East Stand (half way line) + others dotted around. Get in touch with John if you are interested.
Score? Submitted on 18/04/2006 by Every Toon fan at the SOS
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Wigan Athletic Submitted on 18/04/2006 by Johna
……And they say the game is going soft….

Wigan at home gave us the opportunity to seek revenge and regain some pride for the 2 defeats that the egg chasers have inflicted on us this year, the cup defeat being possibly our most abject performance of the season.

It was vital then as Roeder stated that we started brightly and got at Wigan from the off. Whatever was said in the pre-match talk clearly worked as we came flying out of the blocks and physically more than matched them for every ball.

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 RESULT . . . Sunderland 1-4 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 17/04/2006
Sox & shoes Submitted on 17/04/2006 by ?
Competition Time.

Guess who!
a. Your Grandad

b. Davey Endean

c. Michael Jackson

Answers on a postcard.

Prize - a pair of fluffy white Adidas sports socks and some size 9 black patent leather shoes with a gold bar across. (You'll have to supply your own half-mast jeans).
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Wigan Athletic     more . . . Submitted on 17/04/2006
Ticket Info . . . Submitted on 11/04/2006 by Beat
Wigan Game – spare tickets

There’s a choice of tickets available for Saturday’s game against Wigan. There is a pair in the family stand or two together in the East Stand (half way line) + others dotted around. Get in touch with John.

Makems – no spare tickets

It looks like the bus will be setting off for Newcastle at around 11.30 am on from the Sporties.

Unfortunately we cannot run a direct trip via Testos this time - so it’s the pleasure of the convoy and a drive past the smiling faces and warm welcomes from the locals in Southwick or Boldon. There may be the odd car going directly to SOS later for anyone who can’t get early
 MATCH REPORT . . . Middlesbrough 1-2 Newcastle United Submitted on 11/04/2006 by Beat
Deaf, Blind and Numb?
With a car full of coppers to look after us on Teesside, not too much to drink, secure parking and a short-ish walk to the ground, it seemed likely to be steady-away day.

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 RESULT . . . Middlesbrough 1-2 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 09/04/2006
Exclusive - new away kit Submitted on 06/04/2006 by Greavsie
The new away kit for next season.
Taxi for London! Submitted on 06/04/2006 by Johnny
So it's true. From The London Evening Standard when we went to Charlton. Click on the image for larger view.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur Submitted on 06/04/2006 by Trapper
A 3o’clock kick off on a Saturday afternoon, fcuk me, its so long since we had one, it’s as abnormal as 4 o’clock on a Sunday (or 1205, 1355, 1607.23% or whatever sky fcuking decide on !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

An invitation to the posh bit was too good to miss, pre-match meal & drinks in the Langley suite, plus the added appearance of Mr Peter Beardsley.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Charlton Athletic 3-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 04/04/2006 by Smike
Widely Respected and Admired
Charlton away always rekindles nightmares of Wilf’s scalded head weekend back in 1999. Fortunately Carso now has a new flat and Wilf had opted not to attend this Charlton weekender. I was hoping for a much less stressful time.

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur     more . . . Submitted on 04/04/2006