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‘…….You’re Black and White Through and Through.’ Submitted on 31/08/2005 by Smike
The final Piece in the jigsaw? Maybe, Maybe not. It's certainly another step in the right direction. Hopefully Nobby can provide the natural width again on the right that has been absent since Sir Bob sold him. He was sometimes frustrating yet sometimes majestic; he scored goals from free kicks and from open play and he fcuking loves The Toon.

David O'Dreary said yesterday,

"He sees what Newcastle are doing with Michael Owen and the size of the club and he wants to be a part of that. He says he wants to go to a 'bigger' club."

It also means that we can resurrect our very own (Rainton Rascals to be precise) Nobby composition that seemed to be taking off at Anfield in the cup.
'We Love You Nobby……'
Greavsie is a . . . Submitted on 31/08/2005 by Studs
Greavsie is a dirty twad a proper 4king dirty twad and a C--- and a twad .

He doesn't look too good The dirty Twad after , and its not a pint of the famous Greeny snake bite

The poorly and sick Mr Greaves on the way back from watching the Manure game.

‘WE’LL GET GOING, NOW WE’VE GOT OWEN.’ Submitted on 31/08/2005 by Trapper
Not quite "We're in heaven, we've got Kevin", but today's news is every bit as big as the momentous day that Keegan first joined The Toon.

My mobile hasn't stopped ringing all day, even Studs has called (You know its big news when he's spending money; you never know he might get a round in soon).

It will be one of those days where you'll never forget where you were when you heard -like when Shearer signed (camping in Bude told by 8 year old Scouser), Keegan being appointed as manager (at Hartlepool, informed by mobile from Mick, 15 missed calls before I got back in the car), selling Andy Cole (in Gosforth, by Metro radio newsflash), Bobby Robson appointment/sacking (in Newcastle, by Metro again / in Stanley phone call from Joanne).

I've just been viewing the comments on teletext and it's quite obvious that the green eyed monster is rearing its ugly head. Jealousy is an awful trait especially when displayed by glory following w@nkers who are beginning to realise that teams who play in red are no longer guaranteed to win a trophy every season.

I have to take my hat off to Fat Freddy and Grumpy Graeme as they really have pulled out all the stops by completed the signing of the season. Souness was never my choice for manager, but for the good of the football club I think we all need to get behind the team and make St James' the fortress it used to be.

Never Forget:

From the man himself Submitted on 31/08/2005 by ?
From Michael Owen`s column:-

"It was at 1.30 in the early hours of yesterday that I finally decided that I was joining Newcastle United. That decision concluded a head-spinning 24 hours when, from one moment to the next, I thought I might be returning to Liverpool or staying at Real Madrid.

Although there had been a lot of agonising, and a lot of telephone calls, it was an easy decision in the end. People will point out that, only a week or so ago, I listed Newcastle as the last of my options but circumstances change very quickly, as I have discovered.

Given that I will be running out to play football in front of more than 50,000 of the country’s most passionate supporters next week, I am not about to cast around for sympathy.

It was a very long day on Monday but, as I went through the same circle of late-night calls with the three clubs involved in my dilemma, I felt that to return to Madrid would be the wrong decision. I want to play regularly and, if I am honest, part of me had missed the passion of the Premiership.

I was uncertain that a Liverpool bid would be accepted in time and I wanted to play for a club who really wanted me. My mind was made up, particularly when I thought back to the excellent meeting I had enjoyed with the Newcastle directors, management and Alan Shearer.

Alan was a great help throughout and instrumental in my decision. I had spoken to him many times over the past few weeks and he should work for the Newcastle tourist board when he finishes playing football. He even offered to give up his No 9 shirt but I have declined. No 10 will do for me.

I will regard playing alongside him in his last season as an honour. He has been, and still is, a great striker and there is no way that Newcastle should be where they are in the table with that calibre of player.

Alan said how his mind was in turmoil at the time he left Blackburn Rovers and suddenly a clear decision emerged. It was much the same for me after a day that had begun at dawn. I flew by private plane into Liverpool airport and went straight into a meeting with Rick Parry, the chief executive, and Rafael Benítez at a friend’s house in Liverpool.

Rafa and I sat together in the lounge while my adviser discussed my playing contract with Rick in the dining room. We were together for about2½ hours and I would say that it was a good meeting — the most positive I had heard out of Liverpool — and we spoke to Rafa and Rick again on the journey up to Newcastle.

We met the large Newcastle contingent at a grand country house, although I didn’t know there were cameras in the bushes. The meeting went on for almost three hours and what was said made a very strong impression on me.

On the journey home from those talks, my mind was still spinning. Would Liverpool’s offer be in time and accepted? What would happen to me if I stayed at Madrid? How much would I miss European football if I signed for Newcastle?

Then, just before I arrived home, David Moyes rang to see if there was a chance of getting me to Goodison Park and to wish me luck if not. I think he must have known that my Dad was briefly an Everton player and I used to follow them as a boy.

I arrived home at around 9.30pm and sat in the kitchen with my Mum, Dad and wife, Louise. With growing doubts about the Liverpool deal, my mind was made up. It will be strange going back to Anfield with another club but I won’t be the first player to do that and, as Jamie Carragher told me yesterday, he is already looking forward to giving me a kick.

All the Newcastle fans need to know is that I will be giving everything for their cause now. I have been watching the television and seen the queues at the club shop. From what I can tell, 99 per cent of fans are delighted that I have chosen Newcastle and are not wondering about how I got there. It will be like winning the World Cup to win a trophy.

I have got a lot of good memories of scoring goals at St James’ Park, including a hat-trick on my first visit with Liverpool. I was clapped off by the home fans that afternoon and I only hope that I can give them plenty more reasons to cheer me."
Owen set to complete Magpies move Submitted on 30/08/2005 by ?
From the BBC:-

England striker Michael Owen has agreed to join Newcastle from Real Madrid.

Owen will have a medical on Tuesday with a view to signing a four-year deal with the Magpies, who are believed to have paid a club record £17m for him.

BBC Sport understands Liverpool may still try to hijack the move before Wednesday's transfer deadline.

But Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd said: "Bringing Michael here will rank alongside the signing of Alan Shearer as my proudest moment at Newcastle."

A club spokesman added: "The player will undergo a medical on Tuesday afternoon and Newcastle United hope to unveil him at a press conference next week following his return from international duty with England."

If Owen completes his move to Newcastle, his arrival at St James' Park will eclipse the money the club spent in signing Alan Shearer for £15m from Blackburn in July 1996.

The details of his contract with the Magpies are not known but reports suggest there may be various get-out clauses depending on the team's performance.

"It will be a great achievement if we sign Michael," Newcastle manager Graeme Souness told the club's official website.

"In football, the hardest thing to get is someone who puts the ball in the back of the net and Michael is the best at doing that for England.

"I'd say it's the biggest transfer I've been involved in as a manager of any football club."

Owen was left out of Madrid's squad for the first game of their season after falling behind Ronaldo, Raul, Julio Baptista and Robinho in the pecking order at the Bernabeu.

"The transfer is official," said Real Madrid director of football Arrigo Sacchi. "We had an agreement with them and today it has been sealed. "He is already a player for the English club. Real Madrid have been happy with him and we thank him for all that he has done here. We wish the best for the future.

"He asked to leave because we are in World Cup year and here he was not going to play regularly. We didn't want to let him go and only when a decent offer arrived did we consider selling. We wish him luck and hope all goes well.

"It's clear we have lost something but you can't keep a player when he wants to go. He is one of the best strikers in the world but here we have Robinho, Guti, Raul, Ronaldo and he wasn't going to play much."

Owen travelled to England and met Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez for two-and-a-half hours on Monday before going to Northumberland.

There he met Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd and his son, manager Graeme Souness, captain Alan Shearer and coach Dean Saunders.

Owen had said he would only play for the Magpies on a one-year loan deal but he has been convinced to sign permanently in a coup for the club.
The True Chrissy Story (2) Submitted on 30/08/2005 by ?
Glory Hunters Submitted on 30/08/2005 by ?
Typical Manure fans - probably never been to Old Trafford in their lives! Probably had a great uncle twice removed that lived next door to someone who used to live near Manchester in the 1930's.
Anyone know these w@nkers?
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester United Submitted on 29/08/2005 by Smike
Manure Make You Sick?

Another goalless performance, more defensive errors and another case of bringing players back too quickly after injury.

The first half was promising . . . more
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester United     more . . . Submitted on 28/08/2005
The true Chrissy story Submitted on 27/08/2005 by Studs
With regards to the Johna story about poor Studs leaving Chrissy. As usual Johna speaks before getting the true facts.

more . . .
The McGuiness Challenge Submitted on 25/08/2005 by ?
Wilf 4 v 3 Kieron
Both have scored points recently so Wilf just keeps in front: more . . .
Travel Update Submitted on 25/08/2005 by Smike
Smike has updated the travel info. Click here
New Site, Same Old $hite? Submitted on 25/08/2005 by ?
Can't believe it, can you? Yes, this is the Carrville Mags web site.

We seem to have expanded over the last few years and are getting more hits than ever. We could probably claim to represent the whole of County Durham as we have Travelcard holders from all over the place. Carrville is the name that's stuck as it's where we meet and it happens to be where the majority of us come from.

Hopefully the new graphics and new layout will generate more contributors! You've seen the $hite that we've produced over the years, surely you can do better.

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to contribute. We particularly like making fun of our dirty, peg-selling neighbours and also love to dish the dirt or reveal any juicy gossip that you may have on any of the regulars. Any Toon related article will be gratefully received - photos, stories or just pi$$ takes. Go on, have a rant or marvel over The Toon's latest performance. While the regular articles remain; Cajun Capers, McGuiness challenge, you can now look forward to match reports/pi$$ takes from every game. You'll also find that there'll still be the odd Punk Rock related article (particularly Stiff Little Fingers), feel free to contribute.

This is your web site, have your say by sending articles to any of the contacts, or simply post a message on the message board.
 RESULT . . . Bolton Wanderers 2-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 24/08/2005
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 West Ham United Submitted on 22/08/2005 by Johna

Unfortunately our first home game of the season ended with the above chants of the West Ham fans echoing in our ears. Yes…this was the same side that finished 6th in the 1st Division last year and scraped through the play offs to join the Premier Elite. Yes…. the same side who played for the last 30 minutes of this game with only 10 men with comparative ease.

. . . more
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 West Ham United     more . . . Submitted on 21/08/2005
`He’s Like a Black Carlton Palmer!` Submitted on 20/08/2005 by Smike
A new campaign is upon us and some things never change; Wilf’s World seems to be containing the same joyous escapades as last season. Looks like he’s won the hair growing competition, having recently resembled Liam Gallagher and Jim Morrison he now looks more like Farrah Fawcett Majors! He entertained us on the long journey to Arsenal and back with stories of brotherly love and the odd classic quote for good measure.
He’d taken a week’s holiday in the summer to, ‘have the house to myself and watch what I want on the tele’. His favourite programme- Spongebob Square Pants has been made into a feature length film so the intention was to stock up on Pop Corn and Sugar-Free Ribena and relish the antics of his favourite character without any interruption (totally true). Things started to go pear-shaped when brother Kieron was suddenly made redundant and his Mam took ill on the Monday morning. Kieron, flush with his redundancy, dashed out to purchase a new electric guitar and insisted on playing it in the living room all week as he didn’t want to disturb his sick mother, Wilf meanwhile couldn’t watch T.V. anyway as he was too busy playing ‘Florence Nightingale’. ‘I wished I’d been at work!’
Whilst driving around North London his attention was diverted to the numerous women runners, ‘There’s something strangely fulfilling about female joggers’, he commented.

We met Ross and his mate at The Drayton Park. Wilf’s contribution to the conversation was, ‘Did you see The Chronicle after the Deportivo game?’ Ross lives in Stafford!!
However, quote of the month has to go to everyone’s favourite BT engineer when, in a true ‘Wilf moment’ he described Amdy Faye as ‘A black Carlton Palmer’.

 MATCH REPORT . . . Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 15/08/2005 by Smike
Robbed At The Library?

A commendable Toon performance was completely ruined once again by a totally inept referee. Steve Bennett (who incidentally comes from less than 20 miles from Highbury) can add the sending off of Jenas to his growing list of absolute howlers while officiating Toon games. . . . more
 RESULT . . . Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 14/08/2005
'Yous Lot Nar Nowt!' Submitted on 03/08/2005 by ?
Ready for a challenge?

As outright winner of last season's Yorkshire Mags predictions competition, Mrs. Smith has been gloating all summer, pondering on how to spend the £100 winnings.

On walking away with the top prize Pamela commented that all Carrville Mags ‘nar nowt’ and to consult her for betting tips.

So please complete an application form and send it to Paul at the appropriate address and prove that we ‘divvent nar nowt.’ You could win yourself £100 and a slice of the takings goes to Tiny Lives Special Baby Care Unit. Forms are available HERE at The Yorkshire Mags website.

Good luck.
Flagging Submitted on 02/08/2005 by ?
A fair number of suggestions so far. All mock-ups can be seen here ....On the flag.
Scroll down to the bottom where the most popular option is displayed.
Send any more ideas to Carrville Ensign as we need to get it sorted very soon.