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Fixtures 2006/07 Submitted on 25/06/2006 by Smike
The new season kicks off with the visit of Wigan on Sat 19th Aug. We can sample the new Emirates Stadium on Nov 18th and play Arsenal at home on Easter Monday. The season finishes on 13th May 07 with a trip to Watford, but the highlight is another away trip on Boxing Day – Bolton.

Without the peg sellers to make fun of, we can look forward to ‘local derbys’ against the smoggies away on 21st Oct and at home on 3rd March.

You can download a fixture list (before sky move any of them). here:-Fixtures 2006-07
World Cup Stories No. 2 Submitted on 17/06/2006 by ?
Barred From The Barby.

One follicly challenged Carrville Mag, famous for not inviting anyone to his barbeques and renowned for his reluctance to go to the bar, went to his in-laws for a barby recently. He got totally pi$$ed and made an absolute nuisance of himself by chucking the kiddies play balls about. He was promptly sent home to bed and is now barred from all future events!
World Cup Stories No. 1 Submitted on 15/06/2006 by ?
Elton Johna.

One Carrville Mag was conspicuous in his absence for England’s first game on Saturday. He resisted the invitation to numerous barbeques around Carrville, bypassed the temptation of The Sporties where Durham FM were present and even knocked back a visit to Walkabout to watch the game.


Because sorry seems to be the hardest word, he made a sacrifice, didn’t want to break anyone’s heart and didn’t let the sun go down on himself.
Quote Of The Season 05-06 Submitted on 15/06/2006 by ?
Pick your favourite:

“Rugby? Fcuking rugby? Load of shite. Any twad can run around holding a rugby ball. It’s just a game for fat b@stards who bite each other.” Sid Bailey.

“He’s like a black Carlton Palmer”. Davey Endean referring to Amdy Faye.

“So Sarah, how long have you known Beatle?” Chrissy to Sarah Bailey.

“The Tumbleweeds? They sang ‘I’ve got a brand new Combine Harvester’, oh no, hang on, that was The Grumbleweeds!” Passy.

“Our young ‘un will always win a drinking competition hands up”. Just Graham.

“Sean’s got an 80/50 chance of going to Charlton. No, I mean 80/30”. Roy.

“I hate sunlun that much I even hate the A690”. Alan Milburn.

“Are there any seagulls on Wigan Pier?” Wilf.

“So who sat in the empty seats next to you?” Beatle.
Emma Rhian Submitted on 01/06/2005 by ?
Here's a photo of young Emma Rhian Trapper at 1 day old. The youngest Carrville Mag!!!