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 RESULT . . . Everton 1-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 28/11/2005
Smike`s Do Submitted on 24/11/2005 by Sean
Bus picking up at the Cross Keys – Sherburn 7.30pm and Sporties 7.45pm to go to and return from Smike and Pamela’s 40th bash. Seats must be booked through ticketmaster John Elliott and further info is available from him. Size of bus must be confirmed a.s.a.p. so anyone who wants to be on will need to get their finger out.

John needs to know by 5pm Friday 25th nov to book the bus.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 23/11/2005 by Dirk
3-0, but when the Russian goes to jail you’ll be f***ed
This year we played Chelsea again in London on a nice cold November day and what was more surprising on Saturday 3pm – actually last year it was December. Going to Chelsea is a bit like going to a European match nowadays. On the way to Stamford Bridge and in the pubs before the match you hear all sorts of different languages, Eastern European, Scandinavians, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, German and the rest.

. . . more
 RESULT . . . Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 21/11/2005
It seemed like a good way to end a bad day. Submitted on 21/11/2005 by Beat
It seemed like a good way to end a bad day. After getting back from the funeral of a football loving mate near Leeds, I headed straight to the Sporties. I needed a couple of pints and thought I’d get one in for Sean.

Sean said it was going to be a steady night wetting Jared’s head. He fancied the Woodman, followed by the Shakespeare or The Hogs Head – somewhere not too busy and reasonably comfortable – then back to the Sporties for last orders.
Passy was there; so was Greavsie in his vomit patterned casual shirt. Despite this, I agreed to get on the mini-bus. I should have been a bit wiser.

In retrospect it was like getting into the Tardis – you can’t predict where you’ll end up or when (if) you’ll ever get back.

An instant detour saw Guff’s bus, with his ever friendly dad in the pilot’s seat, pass the Woodman in favour of North Road. Parking up outside Wetherspoons meant there was only one place to go. It was full of 17 year-olds – plus Billy Saunders and a harem of mothers of 17 year-olds in tow.

At least it was cheap. It’s a fair walk to the Shakespeare, I thought, just as we bumped into Just outside Yatseys. He said that Mick was in The Cocks – so that’s where we headed. Thankfully the queue put the mockers on it, but instead of heading towards the market place, we went to the Coach & Eight.

It was fcuking heaving. Smike fought his way to the bar but was pulled away just before he got served as Sean had decided it was a mistake and he had a better idea. So off we went to ……. The Angel.

Unfortunately no-one noticed that Greavsie had also forced his way through the throng in the Coach. Apparently he turned round with 3 pints to distribute, to find that himself all alone. He managed to track us down in the Angel - where stupidity had really set in.

Despite being like a scene in Lord of the Rings, it was easy to get served in The Angel. The heavy smokey ‘atmosphere’ encouraged us to use the beer garden. At minus 1 centigrade I didn’t think it was wisest decision from Quiet Lad to insist that we all strip down to one top layer – with the first person to cover-up to get the round in. Nipples were brittle and sore; the lager spilt on the benches turned to ice; Greavsie’s vomit turned to slush – all of which helped to really impress Wilf’s new lass, Sarah.

At 10:15 a group of tattooed and pierced lads (Orcs?) barged out with one of their mates over their heads. They threw him over the 6 foot wall, towards the river. Quiet Lad thought it was fairly quiet in his favourite quiet bar. Most of waited for the clock to count down to 10:30, huddled around the light for warmth, waiting for Guff’s dad to pick us up.

The bus arrived for us at 10:30 so Studs gathered us all together. (Studs, it has to be said, was remarkably sensible all night) and by the time we got dressed and out to the front of the pub at 10:32 the bus had fcuked off!

A desperate search for a taxi saw Roy and Johna get lucky. The rest of us headed to the bus station. Needless to say we missed the 154 by 2 minutes. Too many for cab, Greavsie did the Captain Oates bit and sacrificed himself for the rest of us thinking that a taxi would only carry 4 passengers. So after fond farewells we left Greavsie making a mess on the bus station floor. The rest of us managed to wangle our way to the front of the cab queue. Unluckily for Greavsie, a London style black cab turned up and the four of us (and an empty seat) headed to the Sporties in time for last orders.

Nice one Quiet Lad – cheered me up.
Congratulations… Submitted on 18/11/2005 by Smike
….to Mr. & Mrs. Quiet Lad on the recent arrival of their third son, Jared. Rumours are rife that Sean is planning a large enough family to take control of the whole of Durham. However I have my own theory: it’s a successful rock band he’s really after.

Their first CD is imminent – as soon as Jared learns to play the Bass.
P.C. TRAPPER – DADDY?!!? Submitted on 18/11/2005 by ?
After years of total, pure, self indulgence, everyone’s favourite copper has eventually decided that it’s time to settle down and prepare for fatherhood.

Very Best Wishes to Sarah!
Sporties, Friday, 7.45pm. Submitted on 15/11/2005 by Smike
Be there……to wet baby Jared’s head. We will be welcoming the youngest Carrville Mag into the world on Friday from 7.45 pm – that’s after Sean has performed Agadoo, The Hokey Cokey and The Music Man at Joel’s school disco.

7.45pm… there!
Last Orders Please Submitted on 14/11/2005 by Beat
For those of you who are missing the European drinking experience this season, or for anyone who fancies a bottle or two of some strange brew experienced on trips to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Anthens, Milan or even Afghanistan, or if you want to sort out a proper Christmas present well ahead of deadline, then you should find this site interesting.

There’s all sorts of stuff to be had –and it’s reasonably priced.

What makes this supplier particularly good is that there’s a standard shipping charge of £7.50 for next day delivery - regardless of quantity.

A bus load or a bottle costs the same to deliver.

Let us know asap if you want anything adding to a Carrville delivery planned for the end of this week. Email

Message Board Submitted on 13/11/2005 by Sean
Just a reminder that the Carrville Mags have a message board for spreading news. You can get to it by using the menu on the left or by clicking here
Carlsberg Submitted on 11/11/2005 by ?
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 1-0 Birmingham City Submitted on 07/11/2005 by Greavsie
A Brum Deal???

It was a regular Saturday afternoon. A scheduled 3pm kick off, and a regular leaving time of 1.30pm for the bus. The weather was OK, although it did rain later. The bus was outside the Sporties early, and left on time.. There was a large turnout, with a few people having to stand on the way through. The journey was good-humoured, with spirits high in anticipation of a continuation in our upturn of fortunes on the pitch. Even the self-styled legendary soul-singer, raconteur and wit, Mark Passmore came along to the match, . . . more
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 1-0 Birmingham City     more . . . Submitted on 05/11/2005
Fingers Dates Submitted on 04/11/2005 by Smike
Stiff Little Fingers have just released dates for December:

Dec 14 -- Belfast:
Empire. 40-42 Botanic Ave., Tel: 02890 249276 (box office) Tickets will be available online from

Dec 15 -- Naas:
The Time Venue. Located in the middle of Naas town in the Osprey Hotel. Tel: 045 881122 (box office). Tickets will be available online from

Dec 16 -- Dublin:
The Village. Wexford St,. Tel: 353 1 475 8555. Doors 8pm. Plus the Dangerfields. Tickets available online from

Dec 18 -- Nottingham: Rock City. The Longest Day: with The Stranglers, The Beat, Anti Nowhere League, Neville Staples, and Guests. Tel: 0115 9588484 (box office). Tickets £25. Tickets available online from

They are also doing the annual St. Patrick’s Day gig in Glasgow:

March 17 -- Glasgow: Barrowland
SLF at the Barrowland Ballroom on St. Patrick's Day! Tickets are on sale now and will sell out early as people travel from other planets for this gig! Tel: 0141 552 4601. Tickets £14. Tickets available online from

No definite date has been confirmed for the Newcastle gig yet however you can view some photos of the recent Dunelm gig at

Other news ‘hot off the press’ is that The Stranglers are to be the next band to play at Dunelm sometime in March, date to be confirmed.
 MATCH REPORT . . . West Bromwich Albion 0-3 Newcastle United Submitted on 03/11/2005 by Wilf
Bromwich Balti
Second away trip in 4 days and a return to the scene of the “Locking the Keys in Car” incident. No such slip ups this time tho as driving responsibilities were handed over to young Michael Barron - brother of John, who entertained us with his vast CD collection which included everything from the Kinks to gansta rap and a lovely 50s style song about Sunshine, Lolly Pops and Rainbows.

. . . more