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 RESULT . . . West Bromwich Albion 0-3 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 30/10/2005
Carling Cup draw Submitted on 29/10/2005 by ?
Wigan away in the next round of the Carling Cup. Details TBC.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Grimsby Town 0-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 28/10/2005 by Smike
‘You’re $hit and You Stink of Fish!’
Fond memories flooded back on the way to Blundell Park last night. Who could ever forget the last time The Toon played there? We also reminisced about the two Boxing Day visits in the early eighties. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in time for fish & chips as we were stuck in traffic on the M180, and there was considerable confusion over pre-match rendezvous as there were two different entrances for away fans, at completely different sides of the ground. Consequently, once tickets had eventually been exchanged we needed to go straight in or risk missing the kick off.

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 RESULT . . . Grimsby Town 0-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 28/10/2005
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-2 Sunderland Submitted on 26/10/2005 by Johna
If I had the wings of a ……..parrot
Well the most eagerly anticipated game of the season to date arrived and with it the pressure on our under fire manager was clearly evident to see. Cruelly robbed of the services of Owen to yet another hamstring injury (what is it with modern day footballers…cracked eyelashes, bad blisters, time of the month etc ….about time our physio’s and fitness coaches earned their corn, after all what do we employ them for??), Souness was forced to field Ameobi upfront to partner Shearer. All of the pre-match talk was on how ineffective he had become over recent months so despite playing the peg sellers, some doubt was creeping in about our ability to score the goals.

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Where Were You…… Submitted on 25/10/2005 by Smike
….10 years ago today?

Can you believe that it’s 10 years to the day since we played Stoke on that notorious night in the potteries?
That’s the beauty of the League (or what ever you want to call it) Cup: it throws up a dodgy trip to the back of beyond on some miserable Tuesday or Wednesday night (bring on Grimsby).

The Stoke trip saw 12 Carrvillians head south. After a quick stop off at Kirby Stephen (remember the clock?) we debated where to call for a pint on the outskirts of Stoke.
 The Clock ‘We’ll see how the land lies’
With a location chosen on the map all things seemed well until Uncle David uttered those infamous words.  Being ‘much travelled’ and ‘having a knowledge of the area’ he suggested that we go straight into Stoke and ‘see how the land lies’. 
We barely got into Stoke before we were ambushed by the welcoming party that had assembled in the town centre. The resultant hospital visit meant that some of us missed the first half. The Toon went on to win the game 4-0 but the fun and games were only just starting. The bus was ambushed twice as we tried to get away from the ground and was nearly turned over at one point. Had it not been for some expert driving things could have been considerably worse. We consequently limped home battered and bruised, psychologically and physically scarred for life.

 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-2 Sunderland     more . . . Submitted on 23/10/2005
Trapper’s Xmas Night Out Submitted on 20/10/2005 by ?
Started thinking about Christmas yet? It’s only 65 days away!
Trapper is organising his annual festive trip to Chilton Club for the Sportsman’s Dinner. Those who have been in the past will know what a great night it is.

It‘s on Friday December 9th and the speaker is Dermot Gallagher (no not Noel and Liam’s older brother Wilf – the referee) plus a comedian. There’ll also be the usual ‘stand up’ bingo, heads & tails and a huge raffle. The cost is £20, including a 3 course meal.

Let Trapper know by Sunday if you want a ticket, there’ll be a bus on from The Sporties.
What’s Happening on Sunday? Submitted on 20/10/2005 by ?
Arrangements for Sunday are as follows:
as the game kicks off at 1.30pm, the bus will leave at 12 noon. However to avoid the traffic chaos we seem to have encountered lately we will leave as soon as everyone gets there. Try to get there as early as poss.

The regular coach will return straight after the game as normal for those of us who are coming straight back.

However, Sean has collected a list of names of people who wanted to stay through for a pint (or two) after the game. There’s a ‘late’ coach booked to pick up at the usual place at 6pm. If you want to stay through make sure that you are on Sean’s list and clarify arrangements with him on the way through.
SLF T-Shirts Submitted on 17/10/2005 by Smike
There were 2 Fingers t-shirts left on the coach after the gig last Saturday. Please contact Smike if you think they're yours.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Wigan Athletic 1-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 17/10/2005 by Smike
One Carrville Mag was conspicuous in his absence at Wigan on Saturday. Greavsie reckons he could have gout but won’t go to the docs for fear of him getting the rubber glove out again. However the word on the street in Carrville is that it can only be one of 3 things: either 1. He’s got a sore little toe nail, 2. It’s a recurring injury that he originally sustained playing 5-a-side with eight year olds, or 3. He remembered that it was his turn to go to the bar in The Hesketh. Either way he didn’t turn up!

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 RESULT . . . Wigan Athletic 1-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 17/10/2005
Johnny Was… No 5 Submitted on 14/10/2005 by ?
‘Uummpphhfff! I wanted to meet Mirandinha’.
Gan to Wigan? Submitted on 12/10/2005 by Smike
All set? We’ve got Johnny’s 18th birthday to celebrate on Saturday. The bus leaves at 8am from The Keys and then The Sporties shortly after. Unfortunately, as usual there’ll be no alcohol allowed on the coach; however we have somewhere booked for breakfast and a drink before the match.

Don’t forget, 8am. Divvent be late!
Johnny Was… No 4 Submitted on 12/10/2005 by ?
What Johnny wants for his birthday…….
...a PROPER party, with MORE friends and BETTER food….. ditch the tank top and get some trendy gear like his mates…
……..a motorbike………. …. a personal number plate….
……a black, sporty convertable……. …and a luxury apartment in Coxhoe.
New badge anyone? Submitted on 10/10/2005 by ?
Johnny Was… No 3 Submitted on 10/10/2005 by ?
Lincoln, Friday 9th August 1996 Wembley, Sun11th August 1996
Metz, Tuesday 19th November 1996 Chelsea, Sat 23rd Nov 1996
Spurs, Sat 24th Oct 1998 Coxhoe front Street, any Friday night
Thanks… Submitted on 07/10/2005 by Beat
... to the Crook Town mags for the Wigan away tickets. You can find their details on the travel page here
Emre Submitted on 07/10/2005 by Johna
Emre was on the same flight yesterday (via Schipol Amsterdam) on his way to meet up with the Turkish squad as they have requested he attend so that they can test his fitness!!

His comment on his injury was with a wry smile “hmmm” but quickly followed up with a huge grin and thumbs up saying “fit for Sunderland game” after which he clenched his fist with a “come-on!!”

Obviously the boy has been well educated about the passion and importance of our games with the peg sellers!! Let’s hope he can perform in the heat of battle!

Free Fingers Submitted on 05/10/2005 by Smike
Stiff Little Fingers at Dunelm. Aye, it's been 25 years since you could say that. Some Carrville Mags (and some intruders) were there the night they last visited Durham, as the dodgy, old, dark photo shows. See if you can recognise anyone.
Saturday night sees the return of the world's greatest band to England's finest City and anticipation and excitement are about to reach a peak.

To celebrate the occasion The Keys in Sherburn is offering a free 'Stiff Little Fingers duke box' all afternoon. Get yersel across to Sherburn as soon as you can on Saturday (for the England game, perhaps?) The coach will pick up at The Keys at 6.45pm and then The Sporties shortly after.

'Back when I was younger they were talking at me,
Never listened to a word I said………………'
Johnny Was… No 2 Submitted on 04/10/2005 by ?
 MATCH REPORT . . . Portsmouth 0-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 03/10/2005 by Dirk
Saturday 1st of October 3pm. Pompey away. First away game on Saturday at 3pm. Despite this fixture being played at the traditional time none of the Durham lads travelled down to the South Coast - not even the youngsters (e.g. Twins, Jonathan and Wilf). So it was only the London branch which turned up (Me basically). With a traditional kick off time the poor showing of Durham Mags at least cannot be explain by the kick off time.

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Johnny Was… Submitted on 03/10/2005 by ?
Half Moon......... ......Full Moon.
 RESULT . . . Portsmouth 0-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 01/10/2005