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Smudge has the 'snip' Submitted on 30/04/2007 by ?
 RESULT . . . Reading 1-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 30/04/2007
Cajun Capers No. 7 Submitted on 28/04/2007 by ?
From the Durham Advertiser, Sat April 28th 2007.

Ex-diplomat must face US charges.

A judge has ruled that a former Iranian diplomat living in Coxhoe should be extradited to the US to face charges of trying to buy military equipment for his homeland.

Nosratollah Tajik, 53, who was an honorary fellow at Durham University, is accused of being the British link in a £1.5m international arms-smuggling ring spanning the US, Holland and Turkey.

Who would ever want to live in a place like this?
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Chelsea     more . . . Submitted on 22/04/2007
Coming Of Age? Submitted on 18/04/2007 by ?
It’s someone’s 18th birthday on Saturday (shame the Chelsea game was moved). We couldn’t let that pass without digging up some old photos – he thought he’d got away with it!!
…and Les Ferdinand!
…and curtains for you my son!
 RESULT . . . Portsmouth 2-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 16/04/2007
 MATCH REPORT . . . Sheffield United 1-2 Newcastle United Submitted on 16/04/2007 by ?
Toon fans were allocated 3,000 tickets in the lower tier of the Halliwells Stand and gave reasonable, if slightly restrained support to their side. That old favourite "He knocked you out, Shearer knocked you out" brought a guarded smile from Gillespie.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Charlton Athletic 2-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 16/04/2007 by ?
Now that the Hampden diversion has ended, attention is focused back on our domestic form with a vengeance - and it's not pretty.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . AZ Alkmaar 2-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 16/04/2007 by ?
After 14 mins Huntington was completely out of position when Koevermans had all the time in the world to cross to an unmarked Arveladze to easily convert. 1-0 to them. Huntington endured a difficult evening throughout.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 4-2 AZ Alkmaar Submitted on 16/04/2007 by ?
This was our 13th game in Europe this season - so far we've had ten wins and three draws.

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal     more . . . Submitted on 10/04/2007
Backs Gone Boys Submitted on 10/04/2007 by ?
Look out Take That, three of Carrville Mags’ finest have been having secret little jamming sessions in some severe outbreak of mid-life crisis.

Johna (“vocals”), Quiet Lad (lead guitar) and Smike (bass) have been having weekly get-togethers at local (unfortunately un-soundproofed) sports centres.

Apparently their musical repertoire consists of mainly punk stuff from groups only Sean has heard of, so that no-one will ever be able to make comparisons.

Smike says “I AM SICK TO F***ING DEATH OF SEEING FIVE WEE BOYS IN VESTS DOING BACKFLIPS TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THEY’RE A F***ING ROCK ‘N’ ROLL BAND. I BELIEVE IN GUITAR & DRUM” the bus will probably be sick of one silly old airport baggage handler in a vest doing backflips.

The band are struggling to think up of a name for themselves, suggestions up 'til now include Dead Zeppelin, the Sex Past-its, Status No-Go, but the favourite at present is “Arthritic Little Fingers”. Please post any further suggestions on the message board, please don’t be put off by the first prize of a copy of the bands first CD, you could always use it as a coaster!
 RESULT . . . Sheffield United 1-2 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 08/04/2007
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-1 Manchester City Submitted on 07/04/2007 by Greavsie
This was a sh!te game by anyone's standards. Both teams were dire. Man City didn't look like they wanted to play, and we looked like we didn't know how.

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-1 Manchester City     more . . . Submitted on 01/04/2007