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PSV Submitted on 28/07/2006 by Smike
There'll be a bus as normal to the PSV game on Saturday leaving the Sporties at 2.30pm for the 4pm kick off. Still awaiting clarification but presumably you'll be able to pay on the gate in some sections of the ground. If not then tickets will be available on the day at the box office. Prices are £15 for adults, £13 old codgers and £5 for kids.
Cheers . . . . . Submitted on 26/07/2006 by Smike
….to the Northampton lads for looking after us at Ben’s stag do at the weekend. We had a great weekend and met some real characters. Cheesy, Poggy, Danny, Chalky, Lee (he hasn’t missed a Northampton game, home or away since 1991 – over 800 in total) Warren and the main man, master of ceremonies – Norm. Not Chelsea, Arsenal or Manure glory hunters, but real fans that support their local team.

The day started in the Magic Tower on the Sixfields complex. Sixfields is a tidy stadium which is surrounded by pubs, hotels, restaurants, a cinema and a bowling alley. Plans to go to the Northampton v Reading friendly were nearly scrapped when a tropical-like storm threatened to have the game abandoned, the kick off was delayed by 15 mins. We got totally drenched.
The Magic Tower Tropical StrØm?
The delayed kick off allowed just enough time for STUDS TO GET THE BEERS IN!! The lad behind the bar charged him for an extra pint!!
Not happy!?!
The game started on a waterlogged pitch. Northampton took the lead and played pretty well against the Premier League newcomers as the thunder & lightening continued. Chambers was probably The Cobblers best player and at only 20 he has a bright future and would certainly help to solve some of our defensive problems. Reading soon took over and their superiority shone through - the game ended Northampton 1 v 4 Reading. Nevertheless the Northampton lads took comfort from the spirited performance.
After the game it was back to The Magic Tower to celebrate The Toon’s great victory over LillestrØm to put us into the UEFA Cup.

Our ’98 Cup Final Hawaiian shirts got an airing again, however Colly didn’t really suit his red & white one. Then it was onto Wellingboro’ Road in the town centre and the first pub was The Crown & Cushion which apparently is where Northampton Town were founded in 1897 – a popular choice with the locals. All of Ben’s mates had made an effort and there were about 30 lads in Hawaiian shirts and garlands. The first few pubs seemed to be very quiet for a Saturday night, but it got busier as we worked our way to the town centre and the last pub/club, (Lloyds I think it was called) was bouncing. The most difficulty we had was in getting the bar staff to provide a head on the beer!
Colly’s shirt!?!?! ‘More head please Barmaid!’
Wellingboro’ Road was very similar to Chester-le-Street front street, apart from the accents. Two things to remember if you ever go to Northampton –…….they ARE NOT Cockneys, and …….Northampton Town DO NOT play in brown, apparently its claret!
‘I don’t want any fcuking breakfast!!’
Two big plus points from the weekend – Reading looked very ordinary and, if we ever draw Northampton away in the cup – job sorted!

Thanks again to the CISC boys.
Duff In Toon! Submitted on 25/07/2006 by ?
Duff In Toon!
 RESULT . . . Lillestrøm 0-3 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 23/07/2006
More look-a-likes added . . . Submitted on 20/07/2006 by ?
More new look-a-likes! Click here.
Season Tickets! Submitted on 19/07/2006 by Smike
Don’t worry if you haven’t received your season ticket yet. Due to ‘a problem with the printers’ there’s only been a small section of tickets sent out – mainly The Milburn Stand. The rest should be delivered either Friday or the beginning of next week.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 1-1 Lillestrøm Submitted on 17/07/2006 by Smike
A Bit Of Good Luque?
It only seems like a couple of weeks since we were at Greavsies prior to the Chelsea game at the end of last season, yet here we are, back again!

. . . more
New look-a-like added . . . Submitted on 16/07/2006 by ?
A new look-a-like after the Intertoto game. Click here.
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 1-1 Lillestrøm     more . . . Submitted on 16/07/2006
Spare Tickets for Saturday – Studs gets them in? Submitted on 12/07/2006 by Beat
There are 2 spare tickets together in the East Stand available for the Lilliestrom game @ £15 each. They are along side 9 of us. First game of the season is usually Smike’s round, but as Studs is sitting with us, he has offered to get them in lieu of a barby. Nine pints of Fosters and two pints of John Smiths is around £30.
Confused? Submitted on 11/07/2006 by ?
Turns out there’s loads of confusion about the Intertoto game next week amongst some Carrvillians.

1. We will play either Lillestrøm of Norway or IBK Keflavik of Iceland. They play the second leg of their tie in Iceland on Sunday, the first leg result was - Lillestrøm SK 4 v IBK Keflavik 1.

2. Cup ticket direct debit does not cover this match, you need to get a ticket, it will not come through the post.

3. The game kicks off at 5pm (no need to take Saturday morning off work).

4. There’ll be a bus leaving The Sporties at 3.30pm, usual travelcard conditions apply.

5. No, we haven’t been invited to Sturdy’s for a pre-match BBQ.
Ah well Submitted on 07/07/2006 by ?
Ah well, it's all over for another four years and yet again Sven and his merry men failed to deliver and yet again the Manure connection let us down. Beckhams previous petulant behaviour was repeated by Shrek with a needless kick just because he wasn't getting his own way. Then just to compound matters his cross dressing portugese team-mate stuck his oar in and told the spineless argie ref to send him off. (Do FIFA not know they havn't forgiven us for the Falklands yet nor or they ever likely to).

I'd almost forgotten how much I hate the Cockney bas****s from Salford because Chelski are almost as arrogant, but with loads more money. I thought Fergie was supposed to have sorted out Rooney's indiscipline. He's always said that he could have sorted Gazza out if he'd joined them instead of Spurs, but my only re-collection of Fergie sorting anybody out was by selling them. He couldn't control Lee Sharpe or Keith Gillespie (allegedly the Legend sorted his reluctance to take his turn at the bar very swiftly) and they were on therir way quicker than Wayne Fereday down the wing!

Oh yes nearly forgot he sorted out Cantona, apart from the disgraceful assault on a member of the public sat in the stands. Wonder if Lee Bowyer wonders why he didn't end up in court. One rule for them perhaps!
SMB’s Submitted on 07/07/2006 by Trapper
Helen Johnston has recently partaken in scuba diving course in the small village of Sunderland. (obviously going on the hunt for missing supermarket trolleys). She was very confused when the diving instructor constantly mentioned SMB’s and after much hilarity (but only from Helen), she was asked what she was laughing at. In her best Geordie she replied “SMB’s, you know sad mackem bastards, the peg sellers told her they were talking about submersible marker buoys!

Submersible maybe, but will they be staying down forever like their namesakes.