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Jacks Do Submitted on 24/06/2007 by ?
So no one could be ar$ed to organise an end of season do (and we’ll probably wait forever for Greavsie to arrange a night out in Durham).

It’s been suggested that we all accept Greeny’s kind offer of an open invitation to help celebrate Jack’s birthday while reflecting on the failings of last season.

There’s no formal invitation, you just need to turn up on the night. It’s not just a ‘lads’ night’, so you can treat your beloved to a Babycham or two.

The venue is Sherburn Club on Thursday 5th July, and it starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 11pm. There’s a quiz, food (burgers and sausages), a disco and a debut performance by Carrville’s very own punk band – Mid Life Crisis.
With a combined age of 166 years, Mid Life Crisis will be playing some tunes you’ll know and some you probably won’t even recognise!!!! They’ll even do requests providing, it’s one of the 5 songs they know!!

The whole evening will have a punk rock theme and fancy dress is optional.

If there’s enough interest, there’ll be a bus on from The Sporties. Either contact Smike via phone, email or the message board if you would like seats on the bus.
Tricky photos Submitted on 24/06/2007 by ?
Here’s a series of some tricky photos of Carville mags in disguise, answers on the message board!
Apologies for Passy, he is very obviously not in disguise but does look a bit mental in his eyes!
Quiz Submitted on 11/06/2007 by Sean
Spot the players....Click Here
 MATCH REPORT . . . Watford 1-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
This was the first and last game in charge for the caretaker management duo of Nigel Pearson and Lee Clark. Not since that emotional evening at Blundell Park in 1993 have we won our last game of the season. The stats show one win in our last ten Premiership outings, four goals and seven points out of a possible 30.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-2 Blackburn Rovers Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
In One Hand & Out The Other!
The last home game: the most eagerly awaited game of the season. Not because we’ve ever had anything to celebrate, but because we receive our savings from John, spend it on extra beer and see the season out in style with a party and a sing song.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Reading 1-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
Trapper’s best efforts to arrange little Emma’s big day around the football involved ‘avoiding the Reading weekend’. Those twads at Sky then rescheduled Reading away to fcuking Monday night and 2 days off work is out of the question for most of us at such short notice. So Emma’s christening clashed with the Chelsea game last weekend followed by a totally free weekend this. We’ll just have to have 2 overnight trips to London next season to make up for it!

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Chelsea Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
Some of the regulars missed today’s game due to Trapper’s (lack of) organisational skills!! He’s got the whole summer to book Emma’s christening – and he chooses the day we play Chelsea at home!! To be fair, in his defence, he did try his utmost to avoid the Reading away weekend and this game was switched to the Sunday by Sky at relatively short notice. Anyway, the way we’ve been playing lately, it was the perfect excuse for some not to go.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Portsmouth 2-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
20,165 fullish house here, where nothing much has changed - talk of building new stands and turning the pitch around doesn't seem to have changed since we were last here and the away end is as unlovely as ever. Support to the team from the travelling Toon fans was a patchy as the performance - and as has become the norm this season, a good number of the players sloped off at the finish without a backward look towards those in black and white.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
Bank holiday treats on Barrack Road - a third successive Premiership blank return at home in front of goal and a sonic bombardment of Rod Stewart's greatest hits - hardly the best way to try and fill those planned extra seats......

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