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On Holiday? – Part 3. Submitted on 21/03/2007 by ?
Fallen in love and may never return.

Do you know what it is yet? Submitted on 21/03/2007 by Sean
Video from Sean here
Hanx! Submitted on 20/03/2007 by ?
What an absolutely tremendous performance by SLF at The Academy – totally top drawer.

Stiff Little Fingers – Carling Academy Submitted on 19/03/2007 by ?
Jake & the lads play at the Carling Academy on Sunday (18th). For those of you lucky enough to have tickets, a bus will be picking up at The Keys just before 7pm then The Sporties. News from Jake…..

It's incredible to think that S.L.F. will have been around for 30 years come April/May this year. It really seems like yesterday that Henry, Brian and I auditioned Ali in a church hall on the Antrim Road in Belfast. (Equally amazing that they allowed a punk band to rehearse in their hall to start with !) From a set that comprised Dr. Feelgood and Eddie and the Hot Rods songs, the entire first Damned album, as many Clash songs as we could get our hands on, three Sex Pistols singles and a 10 minute version of "Blitzkrieg Bop" (don't ask) to where we are today has been a long, strange yet unmissable trip. So, we intend to celebrate this landmark long into the year.

Initially, we start by continuing writing songs for the new album, which should be recorded and hopefully released, by the year's end. Some of you will already have heard the "Liars' Club" track and most seem to like it.

Then our first tour of the year is the March trip (including a slightly extended Irish stint) with a highly emotional return to our old stomping ground, the Ulster Hall in Belfast. We intend making this tour special by playing an almost entire "Inflammable Material" as part of the set. We saw that Iggy and the Stooges did something similar with "Raw Power" last year (and a couple of other bands as well) and it struck us as the perfect way to celebrate our longevity. We'll only be dropping one song ("Closed Groove"), but you WILL hear it at some point in the evening ! (Trust me, it will all make sense in March.)

Everything from Inflammable Material………can’t wait.

Does anyone have Glenn’s new mobile number? – I’ve got his ticket and can’t contact him.
 RESULT . . . Charlton Athletic 2-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 19/03/2007
 RESULT . . . AZ Alkmaar 2-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 16/03/2007
On Holiday? – Part 2 Submitted on 15/03/2007 by ?
They’ve been breeding!

On Holiday? Submitted on 13/03/2007 by ?
Look what’s turned up in Lanzarote.

 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 4-2 AZ Alkmaar     more . . . Submitted on 09/03/2007
Nothing To Do This Weekend? – Part 3 Submitted on 08/03/2007 by ?
Another free weekend?

This should keep you busy.
Spot The Difference.
There are ten differences. Post your answers on the message board. Cream Egg for the most correct answers.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Middlesbrough Submitted on 05/03/2007 by Beat
For FCK’s sake

I was surprised that George wasn’t in the Sporties for the Liverpool ManUre kick off.

. . . more
A Bit Of A Do ? Submitted on 04/03/2007 by ?
Anyone fancy the Annual Sportsmans' Dinner at The Ramside on Friday 20th April?

It includes a four-course dinner, with compare Dave Greener, comedian John Stiles and guest speaker David Johnston (the David Johnston who used to play for Liverpool, not the little drunk fella who used to play for The Sporties).

There's load of Toon stuff for auction and in the raffle.

A table for 10 for £30 each.

If you are interested we can do one of two things: 10 of the lads, or 5 couples.
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-0 Middlesbrough     more . . . Submitted on 04/03/2007
When, will I, will I be famous? Submitted on 02/03/2007 by ?
Despite George’s jeans looking fairly new, some of the lads in the Sporties we were puzzled by the big rip in the knee.

“What’s that all about George, have you been buying pre-ripped jeans? Do they sell them in Matalan?”

“Aye – bought them like this, thought I’d look a bit like Bros in them”


“No – I fell over and ripped them on the way home from the Woody.”

Luke Goss

George Loss
Coming soon: George and Billy in………..

The Wrong Trousers
Back by Popular Demand… Submitted on 01/03/2007 by ?
Replace your old sky blue t-shirt that has ended up as a dish cloth with this elegant ‘punk rock’ black version

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