Season 2006-07
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 RESULT . . . Watford 1-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 13/05/2007
Roeder's Replacement Submitted on 08/05/2007 by ?
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 0-2 Blackburn Rovers     more . . . Submitted on 05/05/2007
Donít Miss This!! Submitted on 03/05/2007 by ?
Passyís Premier Poker Performance (including make-up).

ĎMore blusher and lip liner pleaseí

Make sure you watch the Sky Poker channel (846 on sky) on Saturday night at 9pm. Our very own Carrville Mag poker champ, Passy will be taking centre stage. Heís on an all expenses paid trip to London by train with a hotel stop over on the Saturday night. There is a car picking him up from the Train station to take him directly to the TV studio at 6.30 pm. Then itís make up (for at least 2 hours) and rehearsals before going "live" at 9pm until 1am. Helen Chamberlain is the host. After that heíll be dropped off at a hotel for the night and then picked me up the next day to go back to the train station. The program starts at 9pm. If he makes any money heís promised to donate it to Laura Reay's charity.

Letís just hope he does better than his Uncle David did on The Wheel of Fortune.

Passy will be the one wearing the new Carrville Mags t-shirt (and make-up).

Carrville Mags Everywhere.
Speaking of the new t-shirts, they seem to be turning up all over the place. Hereís some photos of Bob in Micheals Sports Bar in Bolnuevo, Costa Calida Spain.

Keep the photos coming!