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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 2-1 Levadia Tallinn     more . . . Submitted on 29/09/2006
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 1-1 Everton Submitted on 28/09/2006 by Passy
Smike is a sly one. He sells me 2 budgies for a tenner and one of them is totally crazy!!! It keeps flying around the cage attacking the other one in a desperate attempt to escape. I could not take it any longer so being an animal lover I decide to release it into the wild.

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7.30pm Kick Off !! Submitted on 27/09/2006 by Smike
The game against Levadia in the UEFA Cup on Thursday is a 7.30 kick off. The bus is booked for 6pm – it will leave no later than 6.15pm, don’t be late.

Spread the word!
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 1-1 Everton     more . . . Submitted on 25/09/2006
Funny Pics (Tee Hee…) Submitted on 22/09/2006 by ?
What’s George lost ? What’s Greeny after?
Someone, please buy Chris a pint on Sunday – he must be clammin’ Passy’s Prediction for Sunday
 MATCH REPORT . . . West Ham United 0-2 Newcastle United Submitted on 22/09/2006 by ?
We (Ian, Lee and Jonathon) met up at Durham Train Station in plenty of time for our train 9.07am. We bought our underground tickets there and then to save queuing in the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross. We sat around in the waiting area for a little while, discussing Johnny’s recent knack of backing winners, and of me being ill all day Saturday after Friday night in Durham!

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Clunk, Click Every Trip! Submitted on 21/09/2006 by Smike
As from last Monday it’s now law to wear a seat belt on a coach if they are supplied. Consequently that means that no one can stand or even share a seat on the way to the match any more. Now more than ever we must stress to non-regulars that if all 50 Travelcard holders turn up for a game then unfortunately the bus is full. On the other hand if you are a Travelcard holder and are not able to attend a game for what ever reason, please let us know so that we don’t have to turn non-regulars away.

It’s fairly simple really:

a) If you don’t intend to travel on the bus and are a Travelcard holder please let us know in advance.

b) Ensure that any non-Travelcard holders (guests, non-regulars, call them what ever you like) have other means of travelling to the game in case the bus is full.

Your cooperation on this matter will be greatly appreciated. We’ll assess the situation over the next few games and if we are turning lots of people away then we’ll look into the possibility of providing an extra mini-bus.
 RESULT . . . Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 21/09/2006
 MATCH REPORT . . . Levadia Tallinn 0-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 20/09/2006 by Dirk
3rd round of the UEFA Cup being played in September is usually a time to travel anywhere in Europe as long as you can get there – which rule Russia, the Ukraine and a few other Eastern European countries out.

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Spot The Difference. Submitted on 18/09/2006 by ?
 RESULT . . . West Ham United 0-2 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 18/09/2006
 RESULT . . . Levadia Tallinn 0-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 15/09/2006
Soundalikes! Submitted on 15/09/2006 by ?
Barry Colin
Face in the Crowd Submitted on 15/09/2006 by Beat
Is this you?

To claim your free Carrville mags badge give the miserable twad sat beside you a nudge at the next home game.

He also has pegs to sell.
George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley - past their prime Who’s he lookin’ at this time?
Alan Milburn was asked to do the match report, but he declined as he couldn’t guarantee that he’d see the 2nd half.

Much to his nephew’s surprise the rumpus and ejections in the Leazes End turned out to be over the merits of Harper and Given.

Alan was not involved.
“Arsenal away on 18th November? I fancy it as it’s me birthday. Er no it’s not, it’s the 16th” It was a moonlit night in old Mexico.
I walked alone between some old
adobe haciendas.
Suddenly, I heard the plaintive cry of a young Mexican girl.
Chris looked on thirstily as Studs, once again, didn’t get him a pint. A miracle ……… Goes home with more than he started after a cash windfall on football card.
After a long detailed texting spell in Aspers, high roller George, revealed his new self confidence….. …..

“So Kirky, you can’t be trusted to look after your match ticket eh? You useless fcuker!”
“Which way to the burger bar mate?” “Which way to the gay bar mate?”
Surprised by the size of the turn-out in the East Stand, Smike got added value out of his round and took a mouthful out of every pint of lager.

Meanwhile George searched for his Blue Tooth.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 1-2 Fulham Submitted on 12/09/2006 by Beat
Another write off (see last season’s Fulham match comments by the same reporter)
Call me negative and miserable but as I’ve never been one of those wiling to give Roeder a chance I must say he’s really starting to irritate me. That’s not hard - as I’m usually a miserable short-ar$ed, hard-to-please twad – but there’s something about his squeaky voice, long neck and big nose that just gets on my nerves.

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 1-2 Fulham     more . . . Submitted on 09/09/2006