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Away Trips Submitted on 21/07/2007 by ?
A large coach is booked for away trips to mackemland in November & Wigan on Boxing Day. There’s also been initial interest in a day trip to Reading on Sat Oct 27th, details to be confirmed.
No Alcohol!! Submitted on 21/07/2007 by ?
There will be no alcohol allowed on any of the coaches to home or away games.
Pre-Season Friendlies Submitted on 21/07/2007 by ?
There will be a bus on to each of the home pre-season friendlies:

Celtic, Thursday 26th July

Juventus, Sunday 29th July

Sampdoria, Sunday 5th August.

The bus will leave The Sporties 1 hour 30 mins prior to kick off for each of the games. Usual fares and concessions will apply.
Travelcards & Fares 07/08 Submitted on 21/07/2007 by ?
There are still a handful of regulars who haven’t renewed their Travelcards for this coming season. If you haven’t renewed yours yet (or know someone who hasn’t) contact me asap as there are people on the waiting list from last season who are chomping at the bit.

It needs to be sorted out well before the first home game!

There is no increase in the cost of Travelcards and bus fares will also remain the same as last season.
Stencil… Submitted on 15/07/2007 by Sean
Here’s a stencil for any t-shirt makers among you!
All Is Revealed? Submitted on 01/07/2007 by ?
OK, there’s been some debate about who’s actually in this new ‘Carrville Punk Band’ – Mid Life Crisis. The photo with the paper bags doesn’t help and speculation is rife. So to quell any further deliberation, click here to view the band members without bags on their heads.
CAJUN CAPERS – The READMAN EMPIRE. Submitted on 01/07/2007 by ?
The following report appeared in the June 2007 edition of the “COXHOE CHRONICLE”

Welcome back Sean!
Many of you will remember Sean Readman who worked as an assistant at Coxhoe Leisure Centre for a number of years. Sean will return as Leisure Centre Manager from 5th June.
Sean was a driving force behind community and sports development in Coxhoe, involving himself passionately with a number of village activities, He worked closely with Coxhoe Community Partnership in the development of the Skidzone and was always enthusiastic and participated willingly in the community events such as the Golden Jubilee Party in the Park
Sean was also dedicated to “opening the doors” of the Leisure Centre and welcoming young people in participating in leisure and sporting activities. Sean is a motivator and our community helpers loved to work with him knowing he had a strong commitment to the village and wished to use all the leisure facilities in a creative and inclusive way.

We are delighted to have you back Sean and look forward to continuous development through a genuine team approach.

• Involving himself passionately with a number of village activities – anything to do with goats, chickens, donkeys etc perhaps, do PC’s Kev and Trapper have to investigate?
• development of the Skidzone – Was that not just his underwear after the legendary trip back from West Ham with Mick the Mag.
• Golden Jubilee in the Park – was he wearing his “God save the Queen” t-shirt and educating the local pensioners with his anarchy for the uk politics.
• Sean is a motivator – enough said!!!!!!