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Very Important…… Submitted on 31/10/2007 by John Elliott
Very Important……Please Read Carefully.

Home Game Travel News.

At the meeting on Sunday night it was revealed that we no longer have the use of Sherburn Coaches for our match day bus service.

However we have managed to secure the services of another bus company but we are initially on a trial basis. This means that there can be no excuses for not obeying the coach travel laws. These include:
  • Every passenger must be seated and wearing a seat belt where provided at all times. The coach must never be overloaded. No one can stand at any time during the journey.
  • Strictly no alcohol or smoking will be allowed on the coach at any time.
The new service is slightly more expensive so prices, although staying the same for now, will have to be reviewed and may go up.

To ensure that we can run the trips smoothly and not encounter any of the previous problems, we all must now adhere to the following rules:

  • Only those with current Travelcards will be guaranteed a seat.
  • If you can not attend a match we will still endeavour to sell your ticket but we will also require your Travelcard. Match tickets can only be sold with an accompanying Travelcard. No Travelcard – no seat on the bus. The ‘not transferable’ Travelcard rule no longer applies.
  • To aid us with this we ask that you inform us at least 3 days in advance of each home game whether you are going or not. (It means 1 phone call or text from you rather than 40 odd calls/texts by us).
  • We will still attempt to fill empty seats to keep the costs down so if you don’t get in touch we will assume you are not coming and your seat may well be gone.
  • It is now essential that everyone gets into The Sporties at least 15 mins before the bus is due. This will allow us to collect fares and distribute tickets etc. We can not do this while the bus is moving.
Please contact either John Elliott, Simon Smith or Dave Bailey on the usual contact numbers.

Apologies to the Sherburn branch, but for now there can be no pick-up at The Keys. You’ll have to make your way to The Sporties as in ‘days of yore’.

It is vitally important that everyone supports us by following our wishes and the coach travel laws, otherwise there is a possibility that we could lose the match day bus service altogether.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Reading 2-1 Newcastle United Submitted on 30/10/2007 by ?
Away Day Blues……Again!

The good performance/result against Spurs was totally forgotten as we succumbed to another away defeat at Reading. To make any noticeable progress we have got to get something from games like this.

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Meeting........ Submitted on 28/10/2007 by ?
Sporties, Sunday night 8pm.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur Submitted on 28/10/2007 by ?
3-1 In The Goldfish Bowl.

Spurs at home?

This fixture rekindles some fondest memories. Two games immediately spring to mind.

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 RESULT . . . Reading 2-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 28/10/2007
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur     more . . . Submitted on 23/10/2007
New look-a-like added . . . Submitted on 23/10/2007 by ?
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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-1 West Ham United Submitted on 23/10/2007 by ?
They Call It Puppy Love.

We took the lead as early as the 2nd minute when Milner laid the ball back to N'Zogbia who sent over a cross that Viduka met with a superb header to thunder past Green into the bottom corner of the Leazes net.

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 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-2 Everton Submitted on 09/10/2007 by Beat
Fighting Cocks?
Sometimes things just happen to make the most unexciting games stick in the memory. Thirty years ago this week, me and Kirky went to Ipswich on a bus from Kelloe Club. We were picked up at 5.30am from the Shell garage. Neither of us can remember who scored as we lost 2-1, but we remember the day out. We got home at 1am on Sunday morning. I honked up and made Kirky gag. See what I mean - the football is often forgotten.

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-2 Everton     more . . . Submitted on 08/10/2007
 MATCH REPORT . . . Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle United Submitted on 01/10/2007 by ?
Well, whatever Sam's secret formula for beating Arsenal was, he kept it to himself or failed to make his current charges understand exactly what was required of them.

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 RESULT . . . Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 01/10/2007