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Meeting Submitted on 31/10/2008 by ?
There will be a meeting in the sporties on Sunday 2nd November at 7pm
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 2-1 West Bromwich Albion     more . . . Submitted on 29/10/2008
West Brom Submitted on 27/10/2008 by Beat
West Brom - Tuesday 28th October k.o. 07:45pm
It has not been possible to contact everyone about an early start on Tuesday and as there has been some discontent expressed over leaving at 6pm, the bus will now leave at the usual time of 6.30pm and we'll hope for the best.

There are spare match tickets available in the East Stand, Club 1892 or Platinum Club. Get in touch with John if you can shift a ticket. Two together can be arranged.
 RESULT . . . Sunderland 2-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 27/10/2008
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 2-2 Manchester City Submitted on 23/10/2008 by Trapper
THE REFEREES A W**KER (yes Rob Styles I mean you)
When the chips are down lady luck inevitably deserts you, the offsides are not spotted, the ball has gone out of play before it is crossed for the injury time winner, etc, etc You have to accept these things.

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West Brom - Tuesday 28th October k.o. 07:45pm Submitted on 22/10/2008 by ?
We are planning an early start for the game vs. West Brom.

Once again our home game clashes with Lee Evans' UK Tour at the Newcastle Metro Arena - starting at 8pm.

It took an hour and 20 mins to get to the ground for the Man City game - which was an 8pm k.o.

If we leave at the usual 6.30pm there's a strong chance we'll miss the kick-off.

Please be in the Arms for 6pm when we aim to depart.
 MATCH REPORT . . . Everton 2-2 Newcastle United Submitted on 22/10/2008 by ?
A Point Well Made?
I like Joe Kinnear. In fact I think I really like Joe Kinnear.

Eccentric, off the wall, mad as a hatter? Call him what you like, I like him. And I really like the fact that he told the press to fcuk off: that interview was excellent!

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 2-2 Manchester City     more . . . Submitted on 21/10/2008
MLC gig Submitted on 12/10/2008 by ?
 RESULT . . . Everton 2-2 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 06/10/2008