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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 4-3 Huddersfield Town     more . . . Submitted on 27/08/2009
 RESULT . . . Crystal Palace 0-2 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 23/08/2009
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday Submitted on 20/08/2009 by ?
43,904 Roar on The Toon.
Ameobi made it four goals in two games as he hit the winner to defeat Sheffield Wednesday in what was not as good a performance as Saturday...

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 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday     more . . . Submitted on 20/08/2009
 MATCH REPORT . . . Newcastle United 3-0 Reading Submitted on 19/08/2009 by ?
The Big league.
I must confess I didn't really know what to expect today. In fact I set off for today's game fearing a below par performance in front of a below par crowd creating a below par atmosphere.

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Quote Submitted on 16/08/2009 by ?
"What is a club in any case?

Not the buildings or the directors,

or the people who are paid to represent it.

It's not the television contracts, get-out clauses,

marketing departments or executive boxes.

It's the noise, the passion,

the feeling of belonging,

the pride in your City".

Sir Bobby Robson
 RESULT . . . Newcastle United 3-0 Reading     more . . . Submitted on 16/08/2009
The Bus Submitted on 14/08/2009 by Smike
The bus for Saturdays game against Reading will pick up at The Keys at 3.15pm then The Sporties at 3.45. Don't be late!!

Arrangements for the forthcoming season are as follows:

There will be a bus from Sherburn & Carrville to EVERY home game, leaving 1 hour 30 mins prior to kick off.

Travelcards will be £10 and can be ordered from Simon Smith on Saturday. This guarantees you a seat on the bus at a reduced fare.

Fares per game for Travelcard holders are £6 for adults, and £4 for concessions (senior citizens and under 18s).

Fares for Non-Travelcards holders (casual, non-regulars) are £7 & £5 respectively.

Here are some responses to the newsletter published at the end of last season:

'Bus fares could increase to £8 and it will still be cheaper and less hassle than getting the train'.

'I hate having to try to find a parking space in Newcastle on match day, it's a nightmare'.

'I am much appreciative of being part of the Carrville Mags scheme. A) It means I can get to ALL home matches whatever the K.O. time - and home again safely and in friendly company. B) If I didn't travel with The Carrville Mags I would not be able to continue season ticket. 3pm Saturday afternoon K.Os are getting fewer and fewer and I wouldn't trust public transport for reliability'.

'One game last season I tried to get the train. The first train that came was completely full and no one could get on. Another one came 20 mins later and it was packed. We had to stand in cramped conditions all the way to Newcastle. We then had to hang around the train station after the game for a train back to Durham'.

'The Carrville Mags have become part of my Life'.

A new season......a new era.....bring it on!!
 RESULT . . . West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Newcastle United     more . . . Submitted on 09/08/2009