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‘Second Best Team in The North East’ 2 v 7 The Toon. Submitted on 21/07/2009 by Smike
Pre-season friendly at Darlington......a good excuse for a day out despite the ridiculous kick off time of 12.30pm?

The Northern Echo Arena is typical of one of the new purpose built stadia: good facilities inside but with naff all else anywhere near. It is infuriating in the fact that it is neither an 'out of town' ground on a purpose built complex with parking, bars, restaurants & entertainment, yet it is too far out of the town to be called a town centre ground. Indeed away fans are advised to park in the town centre (approx 1.5 miles away) and walk!! Not a good idea when you're an overweight forty something with dodgy knees......we got a taxi!
A total of 20 Toon players were used and they performed as expected against an under strength Darlo side. The game was played out in total pre-season friendly fashion, and despite the 9 goals the entertainment off the pitch was as good as on it. Chants of 'If Shola scores, we're on the pitch' were evident from kick off. And, of course when he scored some Toon faithfull followed orders. This was handled in the correct spirit by both stewards and police alike who simply encouraged the overexcitable fans back into the stand. Apart from one Hitler-like steward who single-handedly tried to eject anyone who threatened to go anywhere near the grass. Much to the amusement of both Toon fans & Darlo fans alike, one encroacher managed to break free from this steward's grip and consequently managed to evade capture during the furore that followed. This got the biggest cheer of the afternoon. Just in front of us there was a ball boy who had an uncanny resemblance to Chesney from Coronation Street. Needles to say, he got some stick much to the amusement of the other ball boys.

The scoring was as follows......

3mins Duff 1-0

7mins Windass pen 1-1

17mins Nolan 2-1

27mins Ameobi 3-1

36mins Ameobi 4-1

47mins Gutierrez 5-1

58mins Steven Taylor 6-1

65mins Windass 6-2

76mins Carroll 7-2

When I was a kid, the Old Man sometimes took me to Feethams on a Saturday afternoon when The Toon were away. He would always say, 'Let's go to see the second best team in the north east!' (he used to say the same about Hartlepool). It took me a while to work out what he was getting at!!
Today's attendance was bigger than Darlo's recent friendly game against the mackems. Now what does that tell you? Either:

a) we took more fans than the sad peg sellers did.

b) we are still (and always will be) a bigger attraction than them.

c) both of the above.

I'll go for c.
Much Ado About Nowt. Submitted on 21/07/2009 by ?
Having now seen the new away strip in the flesh, I've got to say I can't see what all the fuss is about. My thoughts that the southern press were blowing it all out of proportion are now fully compounded! It was obviously another excuse to try to have a laugh at everything Newcastle at the moment.

Was there half as much fuss made about these designs?...
See what I mean?

Now then, if it's dodgy footy kits you want to have a laugh at then how about these?...
And these?...............
Feel like puking yet?

Last but not least...those sad peg selling twads down the road used to watch their goalkeeper wearing this snazzy number...
Who Got Up To What Over The Summer? No 1. Submitted on 21/07/2009 by ?
Question 1...

Who do you think this is?

Question 2...

What has happened to him?

a) He got jumped on in Darlington Train Station

b) He was fighting with 12 makems on Big Meeting Day

c) He fell off a push bike while drunk

Answers on the message board please.


He fell of his push bike while drunk.
Mackems Submitted on 21/07/2009 by Sean
MLC Gig Submitted on 01/07/2009 by Sean