Season 2005-06 Result
Aston Villa 1-2 Newcastle United
 L.Moore 16.
 S.Ameobi 2,
 C.N'Zogbia 29.
Date: 11/02/2006  Venue: Villa Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 37,140
Match Report Submitted on 15/02/2006 by Dirk
Tickets Up 5, Pub Entry Up To 2!
This weekend a trip to Birmingham was on the fixture list. Quite a nice trip from London, but probably not so from the North East. I was looking forward to this away match. The last time we played there was still under Bobby Robson. It was Robson's last game. This time is was Glen Roeders second game and we had another manager in between.

There were a few similarities with the last game at Villa Park which was in August 2004. The Athens Olympics were on (and Kelly Homes won her second gold medal that evening), the game kicked off at 3pm on Saturday, we sold all our tickets and they did not, at half time we were winning 2-1 and one of our useless forwards scores. What was different this time? Ticket prices up 5.-, it was cold, we won 2:1 and Shearer played from the start. And of course we did not win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics on that day. (Curling starts later in the week).
From Durham it was only the Under 5's who travelled down to Villa Park for this fixture. No Wilf, no Kieron, no Mick, no Smike, no Sean, and none of the other regulars who travel to away games (from time to time or used to). It was only Jonathan and the Gibbson's who came down for this away game. At Villa we usually meet in the 'Cap and Gown', a big pub, only a couple of minutes walk away from our end. The bouncers used to charge a quid to get in which every time makes my blood boil. But what can you do? No chance to argue. There are no other pubs near the ground who would let us in. So you had to cough up. This year they charged us even 2.-. When I mentioned politely that last time it cost 1.- the bouncer agreed with me, acknowledged it but still wanted 2.-. So, that put me straight into a bad mood and I needed a few drinks for this to change. I thought the more I drunk the less per pint will be the 2.-. So, that meant a drink did not cost 2.50 (quite a lot for this sh*thole really), but 3.-. You can pay this in London as well. Anyway, I was in the boozer just after noon. Plenty of time to get quite a few drinks down. The place was heaving with Newcastle fans and the Carrville under 5's turned up soon afterwards. At least I had some drinking mates now. There were quiet a few other lads in there who I knew. So with the beers I was starting to enjoy the trip again. The only thing I was not sure about was the outcome of the game. The first away match after Souness, what can we expect?
I was in the ground on time, second row behind Given's goal - sh*t seats. Did not even got on tele! After about 1 minute the ball was in the net on the other side. I could barely believe it. We scored. And it was Ameobi!? Really? Fantastic. In the first half we played well, controlled the game and it was a pity that all the action was on the other side, in front of the Holt End. After 16 minutes a rare attack by Villa and their new wonder boy, Ian Moore, scored the equaliser. He was totally unmarked and our defence lived up to its expectations. Given had no chance. Despite the equaliser we played our game and after almost half an hour N'Zogbia scores after a bit of a scramble. 2:1, brilliant. That was also the score at half time and the same as 18 months ago. I was looking forward to the second half hoping for some action in front of our goal. But that is not what we got. In the second half Villa came out much stronger and created chance after chance. I probably should mention here that we had quite a few chances in the first half to score more goals than only the two we scored. After about 60 minutes Babayaro fouled Baros in the penalty area. Babayaro was sent off and Villa got a penalty. Baros put the ball on the spot. A very poor shot straight down the middle and Given had no problems kicking the ball away. We were still 2:1 up but down to 10 men. We defended well the remaining 30 minutes. A couple of times Villa came close to scoring the equaliser. Once they hit the cross bar and Given had to pull off a few good saves. Towards the end Newcastle then held the ball up pretty well and we survived even the 4 minutes stoppage time. Not sure where the ref got 4 minutes from.
Final whistle. We were delighted with the win and so were the players. They played their hearts out and we supported them throughout the 90 minutes. O'Leary was whinging on later on TV how lucky Newcastle was. He probably only turned up at half time. No, I don't want him as our new manager.

This year we got 4 points against Aston Villa and it could have so easy been only 1, if they would have had better penalty takers. Lucky Newcastle. No, Given is class and we deserve it.

Overall, it was a decent game and it is nice having won away again. Then I had a few more pints with some Mags in Birmingham before I got the train back to London.