Season 2005-06 Result
Newcastle United 1-3 Liverpool
 S.Ameobi 41.
 P.Crouch 10,
 S.Gerrard 35,
 Cisse 52 (pen).
Date: 19/03/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,302
Match Report Submitted on 24/03/2006 by Greavsie
Tommy's Grand Day Out !

Well it was Tommy Passmore's birthday, so his son Mark decided to take him out for a pint and a trip to the match with the lads. (It'll be the only pint he'll be buying him this year though.)

We went into the Casino before the match, both Mark & Tommy joining & becoming members, and leaving me to get the beers in. Its still 2 for 1 at the bar, so four pints of Kronenburg between the three of us it was, and all for 5.20 - what a bargain. Of course as soon as they got in, Tommy's eyes lit up, plus they both had their 5 new members voucher burning a hole in their pockets. So despite all the lads sitting in the downstairs bar mulling over life, the match ahead and the previous night's SLF concert, myself, Mark & Tommy trotted off upstairs to clean out the house coffers.

Of course you need 1 to validate the card and use the 5 voucher on the slot machines, so neither Mark & Tommy had one, so I stumped up again.

Anyway, after putting 2 cash plus 10 from the vouchers into the machine, we ended up with 2 back. Twenty minutes of entertainment for free, and the Casino breathed a huge sigh of relief that the 2000 jackpot hadn't been won.

So we took the two minute walk to the ground (Tommy - these were Mark's words not mine !) and ended up in the queue at the turnstiles five minutes later.

Of course the match wasn't the best. Liverpool pretty much were the better team throughout, and took the lead with a Crouch header after ten minutes. Poor defending, as the ball was crossed all too easily and the challenge on Crouch was not good enough. None of the back four seem capable of putting a strong leap and defensive header in & get out muscled far too often. It was two nil 25 minutes later, with Crouch & Gerrard combining in the box, & Gerrard drilling the ball into the far bottom corner.

Our best spell came in the last few minutes of the half, when Parker lobbed the ball up to Ameobi, who looked slightly offside, but he managed to loop the ball over Reina to pull one back. With a sense of a comeback on the cards we seemed to grow in confidence, and Boumsong missed a glorious chance to equalise when he failed to get any real purchase on a free header - not for the first time this season.

The second half seemed to be the chance for us to make amends for the poor first half, but Boumsong made sure that didn't happen. He somehow contrived to completely miss the ball that would have been meat & drink to defenders on the other side, and any other side, then made matters worse by wrapping his arms around Crouch in the box and bringing him down and landing on top of him. It was a surreal moment, and something more suited to one of the gay bars known only too well to some not-to-be-named Carrville Mags, than the football pitch.

Ref Riley, who was absolutely sh!te throughout, duly sent off Boumsong, perhaps harshly, but probably complying with the letter of the law. Cisse scored the penalty, and that was game over. The only excitement after that was caused by Cisse's reaction to the goal, celebrating right in front of the Gallowgate & being rightly booked. However, he was at it again a few minutes later gesturing to the crowd, but this time Riley bottled the decision, when he could easily have shown the red card.

So another defeat, and to be honest there seems to be still a gulf between the top four or five teams, and those of us stuck in no mans land in mid table. The defence needs major surgery - Boumsong is a joke, and in my opinion has to be vying for the worst central defender in the premiership, and the rest are simply not good enough, even though Ramage & Elliott try their best.

Anyway, we had a couple of beers in the Sporties after the match, and Tommy managed to get off the bus without falling over, and we laughed at Chelsea as they lost to Fulham.

As Tommy said, even the match didn't stop him having a grand day out!

PS. I ran this through spell check before I sent it, and when it came across Boumsong it suggested 'Bemusing' as an alternative. That just about says it all!!!