Season 2005-06 Result
Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle United
 J.Terry 4.
Date: 22/03/2006  Venue: Stamford Bridge  Competition: FA Cup
Crowd: 42,279
Match Report Submitted on 24/03/2006 by Dirk
On paper we had the toughest draw in the FA Cup Quarterfinal – away to Chelsea. But with no Championship, Division 1 or Division 2 team left in the competition I am not sure whether it really mattered. We might have beaten Birmingham at home if Liverpool can put 7 past them at St Andrews who knows. We are going there next months in the League. The first two Quarterfinals ended with away wins. Would this continue today – or are Newcastle messing this run up ? 4 away wins, Boro in the Semi, West Ham in the Final – wishful thinking.
Just before 6pm I got to the usual watering hole, the Fox and Pheasant just off the Fulham Road where I met some of my mates from Newcastle. The Gibbons twins supposed to have travelled down to London as surprisingly have many Newcastle fans from the North East. But they did not turn up at the pub and I have not seen them in the ground. In total there were about 5,000 Newcastle fans in London, many from the North East. Before the game I had a good drink. It was freezing cold standing outside the pub in this little private road. With 15 minutes to go we then went to the ground. First of all we had to pass 3 layers of security before we got to the turnstiles.
Inside the ground to get to our seats we had to go down some steps, sort of into the cellar where there was a bar, a bog and some burger places. Then we had to go up again to end up at pitch level. The view from behind the goal was quite good. Newcastle got the whole of the lower tier and a small corner in the upper tier. Our seats were in row 3 of the lower tier, a bit to the side of the goal, but the view was not bad. Most of the action happened in the first half (4th minute) and whatever we missed was shown again on their big screen – apart from when a Chelsea player practised his diving skills. The tickets for this FA Cup match only cost £ 25.- (kids got in for £ 12.-) and for a change I am not going to complain. The atmosphere was very good right from the start, throughout half time until the end of the game. Despite our team’s poor performance (again) we sung all the time.
The game started then at 8.05pm and 4 minutes later we were 1-0 down. John Terry shot, after a corner, went straight through Given’s legs. One had to fear the worst now and I guess quite a few of us were wondering whether Chelsea are competing with Liverpool as the team who gets past their opponent most comfortably. Well Liverpool won this. Chelsea seemed to be quite happy with the 1-0 lead and they did not create that many chances. Neither did we really. Ameobi tried hard, Dyer played better than on Sunday and Shearer turned up in case we would have got a penalty.
The game plotted on and the only other event which is worth mentioning is the sending off of R. Elliott in the 90th minute for a second bookable offence. It happened on the other side, but apparently Elliott did not even touch Write-Phillips. Another Chelsea cheat ! It did not really matter. The game was almost over and we were not going to score a goal anyway.

After the game I went for a few more drinks with some Newcastle lads at a boozer near Fulham Broadway. At 11.30pm I went home thinking at least we did not embarrass ourselves. Chelsea was not that good. They did not play attractive football, effective you might want to say. But I would not want to watch them every week.

Looking forward to our next game now – Charlton away in London. Well, I am not looking forward to the game (could be the 4th defeat in a row), but definitely looking forward to the weekend with loads of Durham lads coming down on Saturday.