Season 2005-06 Result
Newcastle United 3-0 West Bromwich Albion
 N.Solano 30,
 S.Ameobi 40 (pen),
 S.Ameobi 90.
Date: 22/04/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,272
Match Report Submitted on 26/04/2006 by Beat
Popular Side
A seat in the East Stand, with young Kirkwood, meant that Fireman Andy’s extended half-time round came close to the £25. Quiet Lad had managed to sort out to some users for the spare tickets, but for some reason they preferred his company in the Gallowgate end.
As a result I got a better view of the game - and didn’t have to queue for beer. George and Endean proudly compared themselves to these two characters – but I can’t remember why.

It was a strange atmosphere. The Shearer cheers were spot on and the Baggies fans did try to inject some passion into their team – but failed. West Brom were grim. They made our central midfield of Faye and Charlie look solid. During a pensive moment in the 2nd half, I remembered a previous occasion when I sat in the same seats – and Andy got the beers in. It was Coventry in the cup last season – Amdy Faye’s debut.

More Lager Gromit?
I can clearly remember Andy saying at half time “Faye looks really good, spraying the ball round” and I said, “He’s playing against a load of shite!” Coventry were poor that day – West Brom were shocking on Saturday. So what’s the point of this ramble? Well it’s that too many of us want players to succeed, and we always give them a chance. It’s this glass half full mentality and, after a run of five straight wins, there seems to be a feeling amongst some that Roeder could do a job permanently.

Fat Fred says wants the next manager to be popular! A win against Birmingham and something from the Chelsea game would make Roeder very popular with the rag and bone man as it would get him off the hook. He could make a cheap (and his mind, popular) appointment. Some will feel Roeder deserves a chance. If you are one of them then give your head a shake because appointing Glenn Roeder will be bolloxs.

We need a manager / coach who arrives on his own terms, with a reputation that will impress decent players and who can motivate millionaires. Someone who will demand his own top-notch backroom staff and who can walk into loads of other jobs if Freddie fcuks him off. Being in the Uefa or Intertoto Cup may, in the chairman’s small mind, be enough to attract decent players. But we don’t want another short term, popularity chasing appointment.

Credit to Roeder for steadying the ship. He ahs extracted some decent results (some against particularly shite opposition) and avoided a relegation battle. He hasn’t made excuses over injuries or the training pitches, and he binned some of shocking Souness signings. Playing people in their best positions helps. Some players have improved and we are close to the top of a mini league of also-rans. Roeder really has had nothing to lose, and was very welcome appointment in comparison to Souness. But all he has done is get a some players back on track.
He comes with a pedigree of relegating his three previous teams, and has praised the contribution of Big Al – who won’t be around next season. Absolutely anything would have improved on Souness and, against his benchmark, Roeder has not been under real pressure. Next season will be different.

So if the scrap man thinks it will be a popular appointment that pleases the majority then it really confirms that he really is a thick, useless, incompetent twad. If he appoints Roeder we’ll continue to go to the match, take the pi$$, have a laugh - and win nowt.

Thinking long term it would be a good thing to take a beating off Birmingham and so write off the UEFA cup. I remember this popular loser, Richard Dinnis.