Season 2005-06 Result
Birmingham City 0-0 Newcastle United
Date: 29/04/2006  Venue: St Andrews  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 28,331
Match Report Submitted on 05/05/2006 by Dirk
Balti Blues
Last away trip of the season was going this year to Birmingham, where we played Birmingham City. The third team we played in a row which is fighting against relegation. Surprisingly no one from Durham made the journey down to the Midlands. The ticket price of £ 39.- certainly did not help to persuade them otherwise. Not surprised really. Newcastle brought as always a huge following down to the Midlands.

Anyway, I was looking forward to this short trip from London. Got to Birmingham at 10.40 ready to meet up with a few lads from Manchester and Stafford. A couple of my German mates also accompanied me on this trip. So, it should be a decent away trip. For one of my German mates we still needed a ticket, but that should not have been a problem. At 10.50 I met my mates in the ‘Newt’ underneath Birmingham New Street where we had our first pints. Later we moved on to another boozer, closer to the ground where we stayed until kick off watching the Chelsea vs Man U game on the TV. Before the game we had a good drink and a good laugh with some Blues fans.
We got to the ground in time. The seats were really good – last row, but not cheap. My German mate who needed a ticket got one in the Birmingham end for £ 15 - penalty area, new stand to the right of us. Can you believe it ! They really rip the away supporters off.

The game was a bit dull or maybe I was too piss to fully appreciate it. Overall this season we have done as well as expected given that most of the season Souness was in charge. You could feel that everyone on our side was looking forward to the end of the season and Birmingham was very poor. With Shearer finished we played Ameobi and Chopra up front with Owen being on the bench. In the 62nd minute Owen came on followed by a massive applause from the away supporters. Right at the end Bramble than had the best chance of the game for us. He was clear through on goal, but messed it up patheticly. Well, nothing new here. It is probably worse mentioning that Birmingham also had a few chances, including hitting the wood. But the game ended goaless.
I was happy with the point and glad that the game was finished. Now I could concentrate on the drinking again. Birmingham has been relegated with this draw because Pompey beat Wigan away. So next year they can rip off the away fans in the Championship and not us anymore. Don’t think I ma going to miss them next year. We expected now a bit of agro from the Blues fans and we weren’t wrong. Getting out of the Stand passed the coached towards the gate we noticed that the gate was shut and loads of police with their truncheans drawn were on both sides of the gate keeping us and the Blues fans apart. Outside were hundred or thousands of angry Birmingham fans who did not like that we were taking the Mickey out of them.
After a while the coppers moved them slowly on, down the bank, before they allowed us out after about 25 minutes. As soon as we got out we moved through the back streets to the pub where we were before the game. One of the Blues supporters was with us so we were reasonably safe. Down the hill from St. Andrew’s it kicked off a bit, but we did not see any major trouble. We had a few more drinks in the pub before we moved on to an Indian restaurant for one of those famous Birmingham Balti’s. We got the train back to London at 21.10. Needless to say that we were all pissed. I fell asleep pretty quickly and woke up as the train pulled into London Marylebone at 23.30. An hour later I was at home. Overall it was a good trip. We had a good laugh. Now there is the Chelsea match to look forward to and with a bit of luck we could be in Europe next year. World Cup in the summer and than I am looking forward to the new season. I should not get bored in the summer.