Season 2005-06 Result
Blackburn Rovers 0-3 Newcastle United
 L.Neill.  A.Shearer 62,
 M.Owen 66,
 C.N'Zogbia 85.
Date: 18/09/2005  Venue: Ewood Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 20,725
Match Report Submitted on 21/09/2005 by Dirk
Bigmouth 0 v 3 Big Club
Blackburn 2pm on a Sunday. Impossible to get there from London in time for kick off using public transport. So, I had to go up to Manchester on Saturday afternoon and stay with Stevie. Given the KO times of Premiership games nowadays it is necessary to have mates all over the country where one can stay. I decided to take the coach up to Manchester for a change and could not believe when I saw on the Internet that the ticket from London to Manchester is only 1.-. Great that leaves me with quite a bit of drinking money for this weekend. The coach journey actually was not bad and it was on time what you usually cannot say for the trains. At 6.30pm I got into Manchester where I met Stevie at the Weatherspoon at Piccadilly. After a couple of drinks in Manchester we moved on to Stockport where we stayed till 3am. I cannot remember much other than it was a pretty good night.
Matchday : Got to the ground at about 12.30 and the local boozer next to the ground was absolutely rammed. Eventually we manage to get some drinks from the caravan outside the pub on the car park. The weather was fine and it was quite pleasant to stand outside. Geordies everywhere and the Old Bill (They were all larger than Trapper !) was also out in force, but as always there was no trouble.
Just before KO, I got to my seat and could not believe how many empty seats there were. Blackburn fans must have been copying Chelsea supporters and dressing up as empty seats. To be fair there were some empty seats in our end as well, but nevertheless we must have brought 5,000 down. The crowd was only slightly more than 20,000. The first half was boring or should I say as usual. They were crap we were bad so I could have stayed in the pub really. Bellamy did not get a good reception from us at all which surprised me and completely threw Wilf as he kept on asking why everyone is booing Bellamy - well kids.
Shearer by the way got a ruptured Standing ovation from all the fans in the ground when he was substituted later in the game and that was after he scored. In the second half Blackburn started off well and created some chances, but in the 63 minute, against the run of play, Shearer belted one of his free kicks into the goal right in front of us. Brilliant, our end erupted, absolutely fantastic. I could not believe that we can score and that I can jump up. 3 minutes later Owen scored a second for us - a beautiful header. Now I thought the roof is coming down. The 5,000 Geordies were enjoying the occasion. At the end of the game we even scored a third goal with only 10 men. What a brilliant last 30 minutes ! Even at 30.- for the ticket it was money well spend : 10 for each goal or 1 for every minute of watchable football.
After the game I got the train back to London, which got delayed by more than 1 because of a security alert at Milton Keynes. Eventually I got back home at 1.30 in the morning - 36 hours after setting off. Almost a European trip.