Season 2005-06 Result
Newcastle United 1-0 Manchester City
 M.Owen 18.  R.Dunne,
Date: 24/09/2005  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,280
Match Report Submitted on 24/09/2005 by Trapper
The Carling cup has thrown up a few surprises(!) this week and as I wandered around Durham on Thursday lunchtime chuckling at the sad demise of Pompey, Spurs and Man City (why have Spurs not been given the slaughter treatment from the media that other “big” clubs would have endured, OK I’ve answered my own question),(and hopefully we wont find out what treatment we’d get now we’ve drawn them in the next round) when I bumped into quiet lad, now the sight of him in a shirt and tie is a big enough shock to the system.

Thing is he wasn’t going to a wedding, a funeral, a job interview or even a court appearance, no this is the usual attire for the new 9 to 5 yuppie Readman, whatever happened to the short wearing, Mohican beheaded, loud opinionated anarchist we grew up with. ( a wife, two and one impending kids, a mortgage and a driving licence perhaps…another one answered) Unfortunately with his new attire there has also arrived a new negative outlook, he reckoned that Man City’s defeat after extra time and penalties was the worst thing that could have happened and “they’ll be right up for it on Saturday now, I was hoping the would win eight nowt” (that wouldn’t half have knocked their confidence). I could maybe have understood this pessimistic outlook if it had been before the Blackburn game.

Saturdays papers had a class quote from Psycho saying he learnt how not to manage from Ruud Gullitt.

The Sporties was buzzing by the time we got there, surprisingly there were no Man City fans as it has been a frequent stopping off place for them in recent seasons.

Reports were arriving thick & fast of tailbacks on the A1, so it was decided to up the A19 and along the Felling by-pass, good idea till we got to Heworth, an hour and ten minutes to a home game, SHOCKING. (apparently people who went up the A1 came off even worse, 2 hours from Spennymoor) is there a conspiracy to stop fans getting to matches as well as the one to make sure we’re all bored shitless when we get there, (devised by Sam Allardyce)

Smike had somehow managed to book one of the countries top entertainment outfits for the journey, THE NOBLE BROTHERS. It looked like they were going to top the McGuinness challenge when Smike asked who was the best drinker, Just coolly replied “The best drinker that’ll be our young un, he’d win hands UP

There was only time for a swift pint in the stage door, then up to the ground to put my £5 on “fatboy” Carr to score the first goal (no I didn’t, but Smike had told me I’d regret if I didn’t)

In the first minute Shay produced a magnificent reaction save with his left foot to keep out a header and that proved to be City’s best chance in the whole game. The City fans were quite vocal and took 15 minutes before the very boring “where were you when you were shit” song started, They didn’t seem to like the referee very much and he even had a song all of his own, Poll and arsehole rhyming quite nicely.

They went very quiet when Owen broke through and slotted the ball past dodgy keeper, he should have sealed it before half time when through one on one, but James made a good save.

The second half started with pressure from City, but Titus had an outstanding afternoon and as the game went on the back four began to look a little more solid. City won a few corners, but they didn’t do much with them. I still can’t understand why we bring every player back to defend corners, if we left Michael Owen up front the opposing team will leave at least two players with him and there is always a chance that the ball will get cleared to him and he can hold it up until support arrives. Shola replaced Shearer and as usual infuriated everybody, he does give us a different dimension and defenders always struggle against him, but he couldn’t hit my arse with a banjo. It remained 1-0 and we achieved our first home win of the season, we all returned to the bus happy with 3 points, but ecstatic when we heard that Manure had lost at home to Blackburn.

On the bus the second half of the NOBLE BROTHERS show was the best return journey we’ve had in a long while. Nobody knew the name of JUST’s older brother, so Johna christened him “WILLIAM” he didn’t seem to like this much and told everybody he was called “fcukin paul”, however he replied every time he was called WILLIAM. He had turned out with JUST at 12 o’clock in Sherburn, by the state of him it must have been 12 o’clock on Friday. He wasn’t at all happy with quiet lads rendition of the “milky bar kid”

The banter was class the whole way home, I can’t wait for Wigan away!!! (JUST please bring WILLIAM)