Season 2005-06 Result
Portsmouth 0-0 Newcastle United
 Vukic.  S.Taylor,
Date: 01/10/2005  Venue: Fratton Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 20,220
Match Report Submitted on 03/10/2005 by Dirk
Saturday 1st of October 3pm. Pompey away. First away game on Saturday at 3pm. Despite this fixture being played at the traditional time none of the Durham lads travelled down to the South Coast - not even the youngsters (e.g. Twins, Jonathan and Wilf). So it was only the London branch which turned up (Me basically). With a traditional kick off time the poor showing of Durham Mags at least cannot be explain by the kick off time.
This weekend we have seen 7 different kick off times for the 10 Premiership matches which must be a record ! Maybe money ( 30.- is not cheap), poor performances by the Toon, too far or just losing interest are probably more plausible explanations. It is the same story all over the country and in the program there was an interesting article about Pompey not taking many fans to away games anymore. So, we can expect a showing similar to Wimbledon or their great rival Southampton at St. James Park later in the season when they come up. Times are changing. But at least we manage to sell all our tickets for the Portsmouth encounter !
I got to Fratton with a couple of hours before kick off to have time for a few drinks. I went straight to a boozer outside our end and the pub soon filled up with Newcastle fans, of which most I have never seen before. They must have been all from Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire and that is their match of the season. At least they knew the songs and we out-sang the Pompey fans in the pub.
In the ground : With Fratton Park be the only ground in the Premiership where the away supporters end is not covered I got a bit worried about the weather. Just before kick off it started to rain slightly, but then when the game started it stopped. The atmosphere was a bit better than the game, but not much. 10 minutes after kick off the lads next to me turned up and I could not believe when it was a former student of mine from Newcastle who now lives in London. I bump into him occasionally when we play in the South.
The match : not much to report really. No Dyer, no Emre, no Owen, but O'Brien and Griffin played for Pompey. What could you expect ? The football was typical Souness football - very dull. You could not really see us scoring, unless from a standard situation. I mean a free kick just outside the box. N'Zogbia took all the corners but none of the balls he kicked got higher than 4 feet - pathetic. So there was no chance that we could have scored from a corner. In the second half we got a couple of free kicks in promising positions, just outside the box. But those chances were wasted. We did not score and thanks to Shay Given Pompey did not score either. Given pulled off a number of superb saves which got us a (deserved ?) point in the end.

After the game I went straight back to London and had a few drink in Ealing. Overall, a pretty dull trip, a dull match and 65 poorer (not counting the drinks in London).