Season 2005-06 Result
Wigan Athletic 1-0 Newcastle United
 J.Roberts 39.
Date: 15/10/2005  Venue: JJB Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 22,374
Match Report Submitted on 17/10/2005 by Smike
‘Thanks’ ‘The Full Monty’…………..
‘…Vegetarian Style’ ‘Raise a glass to Johnny’
One Carrville Mag was conspicuous in his absence at Wigan on Saturday. Greavsie reckons he could have gout but won’t go to the docs for fear of him getting the rubber glove out again. However the word on the street in Carrville is that it can only be one of 3 things: either 1. He’s got a sore little toe nail, 2. It’s a recurring injury that he originally sustained playing 5-a-side with eight year olds, or 3. He remembered that it was his turn to go to the bar in The Hesketh. Either way he didn’t turn up!

Johnny celebrated his 18th birthday in style. I still remember that little lad that used to love to hear the ‘old stories’ on the way home from away games and the numerous occasions he settled an argument about the result of a certain game: goal scorers, goal times and attendances to boot, he used to know the lot! Now he’s knocking the grog back better than most of us ‘old timers’.
The Day started with the bus being slightly delayed at The Keys as we waited for Just to arrive. John eventually managed to get him on his mobile to find that he was waiting outside The Sporties!! Meanwhile, George had arrived at The Sporties at 7.30am and decided he would call at my house rather than stand in the rain. After hammering on the door, it opened,
Simon ready?’ he enquired,
‘He lives next door!!!’
We arrived at The Hesketh Arms just in time for breakfast and, once again they thoroughly looked after us. The full monty for a fiver. Johnny was presented with his birthday pressie, Passy sang Young Girl, then Endean performed his party piece – Speedy Gonzales; priceless. Out came the Champaign but the early kick off time meant that we had to leave The Hesketh just as things seemed to be hotting up.
Greavsies absence and some other late drop outs meant at everyone had to contribute extra to the bus fare and the breakfast. So it was decided that Greavsie needs to get the Snakies in at the mackem game as compensation, otherwise several pairs of size eleven Doctor Martins will perform a moonstomp over his sore little toe. Wilf got slightly confused on seeing a Wigan Pier sign post,

Wigan near the sea?’ he asked and then looked out for seagull all afternoon.

Dave did his usual acquiring and shifting of tickets (including Greavsies) outside the ground and we made our way to the turnstile, certain that we would beat Wigan. The game started in much the same fashion as other recent away fixtures and we were fairly lack lustre apart from a Bowyer effort that hit the post. Once again the team selection was baffling. If Emre is fit enough for the bench then why not start with him? Things then got worse as Bowyer, who had probably been our best player up to that point, sustained an injury and on came Shola!?!? as a replacement. We consequently completed the fist half with Faye and Shola in midfield and Emre and Clark on the bench. To add insult to injury Wigan took the lead through Roberts just before half time.

Young boy Young girl
Speedy Gonzales
Thankfully, Emre replaced Faye at the interval and we started to boss the game slightly, particularly after they had McCulloch sent off for a foul on Emre. At this point Emre looked to be by far the best player on display, he floated in a corner from the left and Shearer’s downward header clearly crossed the line before a defender could clear it. We began to celebrate what was clearly a goal to every one of the 5,000 Geordies in the stand behind. The Linesman and Referee inexplicably allowed play to continue without allowing the goal. Owen then had an opportunity from a right wing cross by Carr but just failed to make a decent connection. That was just about our last chance of the game as the referee didn’t even have the decency to play the full 4 minutes of extra time.

Speedy GonzzZZZZzzz…..
It’s blatantly obvious to everyone but Souness that Faye is not good enough for the Premier. I still have huge doubts over Boomsougn and the two fullbacks need passing practice. I also think that current away kit is the worst we’ve ever had, it’s neither nowt nor summit.

Johnny survived the day sufficiently to turn out in Durham after we got home and he has sent a message of thanks everyone for helping him to celebrate his 18th birthday. ‘It’s a shame the team had to spoil the day’.

I’m now off to try to rebuild relationships with the neighbours.