Season 2005-06 Result
Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle United
 J.Cole 47,
 Crespo 51,
 D.Duff 90.
Date: 19/11/2005  Venue: Stamford Bridge  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 42,268
Match Report Submitted on 23/11/2005 by Dirk
3-0, but when the Russian goes to jail you’ll be f***ed
This year we played Chelsea again in London on a nice cold November day and what was more surprising on Saturday 3pm – actually last year it was December. Going to Chelsea is a bit like going to a European match nowadays. On the way to Stamford Bridge and in the pubs before the match you hear all sorts of different languages, Eastern European, Scandinavians, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, German and the rest. And if anyone speaks English than with an American accent. I met a few people, who could afford the £ 48.- ticket price, in the Fox and Pheasant pub the usual meeting place which is not far away from the ground. Usually quite a few Newcastle fans congregate here, but not so this year. Maybe they have been priced out of the London fixtures (Chelsea £ 48, Tottenham £ 43, West Ham £ 37, Arsenal and Fulham £ 35) – and decided not to go even when the match is being played on a Saturday afternoon.
Chelsea rehoused the away supporters in the corner of the Shed which means we have much better seats, but also had to pay more. The paddocks where away fans used to be located is now the family enclosure. I am sure that makes more commercial sense for Chelsea Football Club.

Newcastle sold all their ticket allocation. It was a bit strange at first to actually have a good view at Stamford Bridge and to give the Cockneys some abuse from above. Usually it was the other way around. When the team was announced there was no Owen and no Shearer in the squad and our strike force consisted of Ameobi and Bowyer with Chopra on the bench. No chance and the team must have thought the same. They played as usual here at Stamford Bridge. In the last two years we got beaten here 5-0 and 4-0 and everyone was wondering how many goals we are conceding this year.
The game kicked off and within a minute Bramble played his first ‘suicidal backpass’. It should have been 1-0, but Given was quick of the mark. A couple of minutes later Boomsong showed that he can do the same thing, miss-hitting the ball and giving Gudjohnson a chance to score. A bit later we got better into the game, but it was Chelsea who played below par and therefore both teams went into half time with no scores. Newcastle actually could have been ahead as we had two very strong penalty appeals rejected. Not that this would have made any difference !
Two minutes into the second half and Bramble managed to give the ball away successfully this time and Joe Cole scored the first goal for Chelsea this afternoon. That meant for us the game was over now. There is no chance Ameobi or any other Newcastle player is scoring against the Chelsea defence. A few minutes later Bramble again watched how Crespo told him to go right so that he could cut into the middle and score the second goal. We never got back into the game and Duff scored a blinder in the last minute. 3-0, well better than the last two years.
Our support and the banter with the Chelsea fans was pretty good, thought the atmosphere overall was not that great. A couple of fat Cockneys kept us entertained during the second half and our boys came up with some new songs. Songs of the day was : ‘When the Russian goes to jail you’ll be f***ed’ and ‘The Metro’, after they announced that 3 or 4 tube lines are not running this weekend, due to planned engineering work.

After the match I had a drink in one of the pubs outside Stamford Bridge which was full of their boys. Here again a number of foreigners slowed down getting served at the bar. In this boozer the Chelsea fans sang their hearts out at last. You would expect this. They are the Champions, they beat us comfortably 3:0. I was then heading into town forgetting about the match.

Well, I must say I prefer European matches in Portugal, Greece, Holland, France or anywhere else, not London. But I think our only European away match next season will be Chelsea vs Newcastle United – maybe in the summer for a change.