Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 1-1 Lillestrøm
 A.Luque 50.  Koren 21.
Date: 15/07/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Intertoto
Crowd: 31,059
Match Report Submitted on 17/07/2006 by Smike
A Bit Of Good Luque?
It only seems like a couple of weeks since we were at Greavsies prior to the Chelsea game at the end of last season, yet here we are, back again!

The usual diehards turned up in The Sporties mainly because Sturdy had promised to get the half-time beers, well aware that there’s no alcohol served at Intertoto games. The punk rock blasted from jukebox, and the lager flowed as freely as the banter. George was missing however. He’s been getting a mobile phone, but this wasn’t what kept him at home. He’s recently returned from his holidays in Florence where he’d over spent his Euros celebrating Italy’s world cup win with the locals to find a massive, unexpected bill on his doormat. Worried and unable to understand how he’d spent such a large amount he dashed off to his sister’s in a panic to seek an explanation. June swiftly pointed out that it was not his address on the envelope, but his neighbours!!!

Holiday meant that the Coxhoe contingent and The Surf Stars were also missing, Passy couldn’t make it because someone ripped his shorts. Davey Endean’s revelation that he’s going to buy a programme from every home game this season nearly put him in hospital as he walked head first into a lamp post whilst reading his first purchase. The beer was normal price at the Casino because they ‘didn’t think this was a proper game’, however it will still be 2 for 1 when the season starts.
Strict segregation enforcement.
The game kicked off in a good atmosphere generated by an excellent turn out of 31,000. I’m pleased to see Milner back, but why we insisted on pumping long, high balls up to him and Luque when their keeper and 2 centre halves were nearly 7 foot each is beyond me. Lillestrom are half way through their domestic campaign and they looked much quicker, fitter and passed the ball a lot cleaner than we did throughout the first half. Indeed they deservedly took the lead after 21 mins in what was generally a lacklustre first half.
‘Lee Clark’s having a good game.’
Sturdy had spent the whole of the first half thinking that Scot Parker was Lee Clark, needless to say – he didn’t get the beers in at half time.

The Toon started the second half brightly and began to take control of the game. Babayaro eventually got to grips with their best player, Riise (younger brother of John Arne) and this stifled their main supply. Both N’Zogbia and particularly Parker dispelled any doubts about commitment as the tackles went flying in. We equalised on 50 mins when Luque curled a superb left footed shot past their keeper and the second half was a vast improvement on the first. Shola came on to an excellent reception (shows how desperate we are for strikers) followed by O’Brien who, according to two lads sat behind ‘is like lightening, but he just can’t kick the ball’. He should fit in well then, still he’s sure to score against the peg sellers at some stage in his career.

Man of The Match – Lee Clark.
Sid’s school mate, concussed.