Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 2-3 PSV Eindhoven
 S.Ameobi 68,
 A.Luque 73.
 Farfan 16,
 Vennegoor of Hesselink 41,
 Culina 49.
Date: 29/07/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Friendly
Crowd: 20,175
Match Report Submitted on 02/08/2006 by Sean
Saturday brought another glorious day which proved to be too much of a distraction for many of the Carrvillians, so only twelve canny lads and lasses boarded the mini bus to watch the lads first home pre-season friendly. Spirits were as high as the temperature outside and liquid refreshment was the order of the day so we ‘cleverly’ ensured hydration for the journey into toon.
Full squad travel sick
Old school youth of today
GR had decided on only a couple of changes for the visit of the dutch ‘pretenders to the throne’, FEYENOORD being the only real team in the Netherlands, with Ramage getting a run out and the unveiling of Duff. We started brightly but after ten minutes PVC hit their stride with Cocu and Farfan at the heart of most of their best moves, Arouna Kone’s pace had Bramble and Taylor pulled all over the place leading to sharp, neat and tidy football through the midfield and good support from both fullbacks. So by half time having been largely outclassed without being overrun it was no surprise to be trailing 0-2, although it was a surprise for us having gone down to the bar in good time for a pint, to see the plasma screen displaying two different scorelines at the same time with 0-1 being the actual score when we left the stands!

We enjoyed our beer at half time a little bit less due to the way we had played but were entertained by the stunt aircraft flying out the back of the Gallowgate in readiness for their appearance at the hotbed of aviation down the coast. Even more entertaining was the fact that both Sid and Smike had gone out for the pints together, disputed who was getting them in with Smike winning the race to the bar. This was partly due to the fact that Sid had gone to the downstairs bar and had been waiting all of fifteen minutes for us to show up!! Needless to say he was finally rescued (and the pints) by Beet with the second half just kicking off, but he still had time fore a pie although he did have some difficulty eating it, no not because it was too hot but because the pie’s contents were inadvertently attaching themselves to the end of Sid’s nose. Cue the second rescue of the day as a barmaid helpfully supplied some napkins.
You couldn’t get served
Within four minutes of the restart it was 0-3 with the dregs still in our pints, so a collective decision was taken for more beer as we headed off to the Irish Centre for a cheap pint or two. We settled into our seats in the ‘back end’ and watched soccer Saturday hopefully as Shola and Albert brought us back into it, although we barely deserved to level given the first half performance. Plus points were discussed, Duff (in flashes), Parker (as usual M’lady), Given (as always) and credit has to be given to Ameobi for continuing to hit the net (although some doubt remains). So a season of patience and perseverance ahead, with expectations suitably lowered and the need for more top quality players (especially strikers), never more obvious.
Second half underway supplies needed
friends re-united
To conclude the day Smike offered his hospitality in the form of a barbeque and beers, so once back to Carrville the ‘usual suspects’ retired to the Smith’s back garden for much merriment with Isaac and Joel picked up along the way.
Table dancers future’s black n white
Adele and Lydia were the perfect hosts (having learned from experts) and Smike ensured there was plenty of food and drink.
The host view from the balcony
How lucky his neighbours are to have such a jovial yet considerate man next door and one with such caring friends, with electric guitar (and amp) out onto the balcony, it was time for drunken renditions of ‘pretty vacant’ and ‘teenage kicks’.
good evening Carrville paternal discipline
However musical sensibility was restored when Adele treat us to ‘gotta getaway’ and Lydia (on the piano, indoors) flawlessly recited the theme from titanic, ensuring musicianship suffered no more and neither did the neighbours!
Good Times
Die Hards Roll Call:
Jean’s fella
The young’un who’s just started coming
The young’un who’s just started coming’s brother
The young’un who’s just started coming’s dad