Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 2-1 Wigan Athletic
 S.Parker 38,
 S.Ameobi 64.
 L.McCulloch 59.
Date: 19/08/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 51,569
Match Report Submitted on 24/08/2006 by Greavsie
Well, what a way to start the season. It seems such a long time since we had a start like this. Not for a couple of seasons, if I remember correctly. It almost makes you feel like celebrating. A start so good, it makes you want it to carry on right through the season.

Yes, a BBQ to herald the first premiership game of the season made a welcome return to Carrville Mags. The pre-game banter, burgers & beer was enjoyed by quite a few of us, and surely has to become a regular feature throughout the season - any takers for the next one ??????

Thanks to Johnna & especially Tina for putting up with us for a couple of hours, and ensuring we were well fed & looked after. I should also thank Sean 'are we there yet?' Readman for sorting out the minibus to get us there, and for bringing the kids along to keep us all amused.

Its a pretty impressive location that Johna has managed to find, nice & quiet - at least it was until The Jam, SLF, The Ramones etc started blasting out on the CD player !! I wondered why the wildlife seemed to be giving the place a wide berth - the 'natural' wildlife that is, not the Carrville version.

Fortunately, there was no whingeing about the quality of the burgers, as a certain CM member couldn't make it off the settee - apparently Coles Cranes had another job on first thing.

The bus picked us up at the Nicky Nack after a final quick beer, and it was off to pick up the rest of the lads at the Sporties, then to the toon.

Having been reassured by the staff in Asper's before one of the friendlies a couple of weeks back, we headed off there for our regular two for one pre match pint in the Casino. However, on getting to the bar we were informed that the offer was not on - the only offer they had was 2 pints and a burger for 5. Now, as much of a greedy so and so that I am, there are only so many burgers you can eat in a day.............. If they don't quickly reinstate the two for one offer, they are going to lose a hell of a lot of pre-match business. What's the point of going there to pay 2.60 for Kronenburg, when you can gey Stella across the road for 2 ????? Aspers' management take note (apparently they regularly read this website - honest I bet ya they do)

Finally, onto the match. Nicky Butt started a premiership match for us for the first time in over a year, but only managed about 15 minutes, having to go off with a head injury. His replacement was N'Zogbia. This boy surely deserves a starting place, and received a great ovation when he came on. It's a shame that Duff's signing has seemed to push the Zog down to the bench. On this showing, and those of last season, he's the most creative and pacy player we have fit at the moment. Just look at Ameobi's goal.- all set up by a blistering piece of pace and purpose by the Zog and a bullet shot that Kirkland could only parry into Ameobi's path, who slotted home with great composure. Perhaps Emre's place is the most under threat in midfield, as he seems a bit lacklustre to me and needs to pull his socks up a bit and show more urgency and control that we know he has.

Anyway, the overall performance was OK, but not great. The goals from Parker and Ameobi apart, there wasn't much a of threat from us. The defensive problems are still there too. Against a better side than Wigan we would have had real problems. Watching their goal on the TV, just shows the failings we have - Carr seems to shout for the ball, Taylor ducks, then no-one takes control and indecision yet again leaves McCulloch free to curl in to the far corner.

I'm a bit concerned about Steven Taylor's progression. His performances so far have been very indecisive, which was also true for his England U21 run out last week. We shouldn't forget he's still very young, and he needs guidance and support. Hopefully Roeder can provide this, but playing alongside Bramble or Boumsong can't have helped. We should get a top notch centre-half to guide him & bring him on some more, otherwise we will have ruined yet another great prospect.

At the end of the day though, three points from an opening game is all you can really wish for, so you have to be happy. We have a 100% record to defend, and we still have three cups to go for, and the sad mackem b@stards still have won a game get in !!!!!!!

Update - ha, ha, ha ha - Sunderland Buried at Gigg Lane, ha ha ha ha ha

Lets all laugh at Sun'lun, lets all laugh at sun'lun, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!