Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 1-2 Fulham
 S.Parker 54.
 B.McBride 82,
 C.Bocanegra 89.
Date: 09/09/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 50,365
Match Report Submitted on 12/09/2006 by Beat
Another write off (see last season’s Fulham match comments by the same reporter)
Call me negative and miserable but as I’ve never been one of those wiling to give Roeder a chance I must say he’s really starting to irritate me. That’s not hard - as I’m usually a miserable short-ar$ed, hard-to-please twad – but there’s something about his squeaky voice, long neck and big nose that just gets on my nerves.

He also sold Kevin Keegan a fine defender called Jason Drysdale when he was a young failing manager at Watford. We all paid for that useless fecker with our season ticket money.

I think he’s doomed. With the run of fixtures coming up, we are unlikely to take any more points in September and another Autumn sacking beckons. Alan Curbishley reckons he’ll be looking for a job in October and once again the rag-and-bone man will make cheap and ‘popular’ decision that sets us back 2 years – or worse.
If you thought Roeder deserved a chance then just remember who the daddy was in the dressing room and on the pitch last season. Shearer was often our best defender. As for the apparent benefit of having a defender in charge then he and Kevin Bond must be fcuking hopeless.
Keeping Bramble in the team and not get anywhere close to improving the defence during the transfer window proves it. It’s embarrassing to hear a coach say you should be in touching distance of a striker. We all know that – so why say it in an interview? Pathetic. I remember Souness shouting at Bramble, coincidentally during last season’s Fulham game, telling him (and Boumsong) to push out after a corner! Magic coaching.
Saturday’s defeat had no defenders on the bench and there is no one who can improve the back four. Bramble needs clearly needs constant direction – which is a fcuking disgrace for the money he’s on. I’m totally finished with the lummox now. A crunching tackle once every 3 games doesn’t make a defender. He’s a total nugget and the Scousers were spot on to take the pi$$ out of him. We can’t sell him and we cannot make him better.
Aussie Moore seems, at times, to have awareness and composure – but he’s going backwards with age and he’s injury prone. He’s on a pension booster with us. Where was his leadership when Parker went off? Who was shouting and sorting? No fcuker was.

Ramage and Taylor are starting to scare me. Their biggest strength is their over-inflated self confidence and, at the moment, both remind me of the Caldwell brothers. As for Carr, Babayaro and Bernard - they are all finished. You couldn’t make one footballer out of the three of them.
And as for this bolloxs over Dyer – I’d have him sweeping up around the ground to get fit. I could not give a fcuk about his personal problems and a non–football related illness. I suspect (and hope for) an agent induced insurance payout, otherwise why did he get a better contract?

On that cheerful note here’s something ripped off from the internet………

Roeder was appointed as West Ham's new manager in the summer of 2001. In the second half of that season he took West Ham to 7th in the Premiership.

The following season, 2002/2003, he signed Tomas Repka for about £5 million, David James from Villa for around £2 million and Don Hutchison from SMBs for around £5 Million (!!!). David James was injured on international duty and out for months, Tomas Repka suffered from disciplinary problems and Don Hutchison turned out to be an injury prone flop in his second spell with the club. Because of injuries to Paolo Di Canio and Frédéric Kanouté's personal problems, Roeder was forced to play a young Jermain Defoe up front on his own, often, as the season became more desperate, playing direct, long ball football to Defoe, who struggled in this position. He also struggled with a very small squad only just managing to field a first 11 at times.

I’ll cheer up tomorrow and post some more pictures and other snippets from Saturday.