Season 2006-07 Result
Levadia Tallinn 0-1 Newcastle United
 Andreev.  A.Sibierski 10.
Date: 14/09/2006  Venue: Kadrioru  Competition: UEFA Cup
Crowd: 7,917
Match Report Submitted on 20/09/2006 by Dirk
3rd round of the UEFA Cup being played in September is usually a time to travel anywhere in Europe as long as you can get there – which rule Russia, the Ukraine and a few other Eastern European countries out. Having drawn Tallinn it was between easy and difficult getting there. Mick has ruled himself out straight away with the first leg being played away as he is on his annual ‘drink till you drop’ week away in Spain with the lads. And no one else was really interested. I was not too bothered either after having checked the prices – around £ 200 from London. But on Friday night I was persuaded by two of my mates, Neil and Milli, to go. It did not take long mind you. The next day I book flight for £ 191 with Estonia Air from Gatwick.
The flight was laving at 6pm, so we met up at Gatwick at 2.30pm. Having had quite a bit of stress at work I could not wait to get away and to get the first beers down. The weather was great and we made it to Gatwick in no time. Quick check in and than straight to the bar waiting for the departure gate to be announced. We kept an eye on the screen but with about 30 minutes before the flight was due to leave it disappeared from the screen. Luckily it reappeared again soon after. I did not really wanted to miss this trip. The plane was full. Mainly Estonians, but a few Newcastle fans were on the plane too. With the Club not offering any flights it was only Estonian Air, EasyJet, and BA who were flying direct once a day. Not a great choice. We relaxed on the 3 hour flight drinking the cheap beer (Euro 2.- a can) until they run out of it. Luckily that was just before we were landing. I did mentioned to them that we are flying back on Friday and asked them to stock up a bit more which they must have done. There was enough beer on the aircraft when we flew back.
We got to the hotel at around midnight, checked in, dropped our bags off and went straight into the oldtown which was only across from the hotel. Our first stop was Molly Malone where quite a few other Toon fans have been congregating watching reruns of the football which was on this evening. Later we went to another bar, a disco bar before we got something to eat and than tried to find our way back to the hotel. Not an easy task given when it is dark you are in an unfamiliar place and had a few drinks. So obviously we got lost and had to jump into a taxi to take us back. It turned out that the hotel was only around the corner. Got home at 4am. Good first night out.
Skipped breakfast which was only served till 10am which is 8am UK time. Too early, but apparently we did not miss much. At 11.30 we went on our sightseeing tour through Tallinn with a bottle of pop recovering from our hangover. This lasted about 90 minutes, but there is a bit more to see than what we saw. Mainly churches and nice, old houses. Quite pretty. There is also quite a bit of a City Wall. One does also get a little bit the Soviet flair, when looking at the trams or the roads outside the oldtown. Anyway by 1pm, we have seen enough. Had something quick to eat at the same kiosk where we were last night (Tallinn is quite small) and than headed to Molly Malone on the main square. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed the sun sitting outside in the square having a few pints. John Anderson who was in Tallinn to commentate for Radio Newcastle joined us a while catching up with things. The Newcastle lads know him from drinking in Rosies. Later we moved on to a few different pubs and got to the ground early, having been warned about the traffic. Well, that was a mistake as there was not much there. We found eventually a bar from Soviet times with a wolf as a guard dog outside, noone inside apart from 5 or 7 other Newcastle fans and a lifesize plastic model of a girl in traditional dress - very weird. Got a few drinks there and then walked to the ground in time for kick off.
The A Le Coq Arena (A Le Coq is the local beer) is the national stadium. Quite nice modern ground holding about 10,000. For this UEFA Cup 3rd round match game 7,917 fans turned up, with about 500 Newcastle fans of which 250 came from the Britain. The game kicked off at 17.55 local time, which was a very good kick off as it allowed us to have a good drink after the match. There is not much to report about the game. We won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Sibierski in the 10th minute. The game was boring, maybe because we have scored so early. There were a few more chances on both sides, but nothing serious (or at least I have not seen anything). With about 5 minutes to go we left, got a taxi back into town to our old drinking place the Molly Malone where we meet some of the other lads. There we had a few drinks before we started a pub crawl. We finally ended up in this karaoke bar with quite a few Toon fans. After a while we took over singing all sorts of Newcastle songs very much to the amusement of the locals. You could not get Milli off the stage. Finally we got back to the hotel at 1.30am, pissed.

Missed breakfast again. Got up at 11.30, checked out at 12 and were in the bar at 12.30. Our flight was not till 4.15pm, plenty of time to enjoy a few quite drinks. Well, we were wrong as the first stag parties arrived from the UK on the early morning flights. So wherever we went we bumped into Mancs, Wales kids and other groups of Stags. Later we got a taxi back to the airport, back to Kings Cross where we drunk a few more pints. At 9pm my mates got on the train back to Newcastle. I was glad that I had only a short journey home now.

Tallinn is definitely worth a visit, but avoid the weekends when the Stagg parties arrive. I am glad I did go and everyone who missed it has missed a brilliant European trip. Cheap beer, nice oldtown, relaxed atmosphere and probably worth mentioning is also that the women over there are outstanding, even before you had a drink. And the football ? Well Newcastle won 1-0.