Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 2-1 Levadia Tallinn
 O.Martins 47,
 O.Martins 50.
 Zelinski 65.
Date: 28/09/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: UEFA Cup
Crowd: 27,012
Match Report Submitted on 03/10/2006 by Trapper
I’d have liked to have been able to put a positive view on this match report and I suppose the fact that we’re through to the group stages and Oba scored his first goals at home should have put a smile on my face, but I came away from the ground feeling like Beatle always looks.

The Toon started quite brightly and Emre really looked up for it, he was dancing his way through the midfield, but unfortunately nobody else was on his wavelength. The first half just dragged on without any real incidents of note, although there was a moment of confusion between Bumble and Harper that had me worried.

The Toon Ultras were having a good time and it was class to hear them singing “the Leazes” and “shoes off if you love the toon”.

The second half started with a bit more effort from the Toon, but when we won a corner, I had the old “we never do anything from corners” feeling, Oba headed in and then was off doing somersaults. It’s funny I always try to feel like “we never do anything from corners” so we might score. It only happens when I really really genuinely believe we wouldn’t even score against a team of midgets with no goalie that it actually happens.

Almost straight from the kick off Tallinn put the ball behind Steven Carr and Harper was caught in a “ should I go for it, yes, no, yes oh fcuk” moment, but fortunately the shot was wayward.

Oba scored his second with a stunning left foot shot into the top corner and that should have been game over, but Harper somehow managed to let a “bread and butter” ball wriggle over the line. I always thought that with regular football he would make the England squad, but he looks very short of confidence. (but with Babayaro, Bumble and Carr in front of them who wouldn,t.

There wasn’t anything else to shout about the crowd was very disappointing 27,000, a sign of the despondency that seems to surround SJP. I think its going to be a long hard season.

PS What drugs is Passy on? He can’t seriously think he looks anything other than a proper t**t in that new hat.