Season 2006-07 Result
Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle United
 Solskjaer 41,
 Solskjaer 49.
Date: 01/10/2006  Venue: Old Trafford  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 75,664
Match Report Submitted on 05/10/2006 by Smike
That’s my finish!! I’m not going to Old Trafford again, at least not until we sort out this irritating inferiority complex we seem to develop whenever we go there to play Manure. I can’t stomach their smugness. The only time there’s any animation in the stands is when they score, and, when they all get out their seats to leave 10 mins before the end. And at £2.70 for a warm bottle of Budwizer, served on a dimly lit, totally inadequate concourse that has an aroma of stale urine, I can’t even say that I enjoyed the pre-match refreshment. Oh, and I always get lost whenever I drive there. Theatre of Dreams indeed.
Adele had never seen The Toon loose a competitive game, so when she asked if I’d take her to Manure I foolishly considered that this could signify the end of our 34 year winless run at Old Trafford.

The day started quite well. In comparison to last year the weather was glorious. We convinced ourselves that we were in with a chance – Martins had looked like he was enjoying himself in the second half against Tallinn, Rooney couldn’t score in a brothel at the moment and we certainly have the muscle to compete with them in the middle of the park. We stopped at Heartshead services along with every other Toon fan that had made the journey. Amusingly it was too intimidating for 2 Maure fans that pulled up in the car park space next to us: they took one look at the hundreds of black & white shirts, got back into their car and promptly drove off. I arranged to meet the twins, Gary & Luke at Salford Keys only to get lost on leaving the M60 (again). I eventually managed to find the car park we used last year and it was into Kentucky Fried Chicken for Sunday lunch.

Roeder has totally lost the plot and he’s really starting to irritate me. News reached us via some other Toon fans in KFC that he’d dropped Martins to play Shola up front on his own in a 4-5-1 formation– numbskull! Nicky Butt should never have played for The Toon again after his exploits in Cardiff, let alone play against Manure at OT. Consequently he received the biggest ovation of the day from the home fans. The result was that our 5 man midfield played some lovely little triangle passes in our own half with no outlet as Shola had 3 defenders marking him. Emre beavered away as best he could but we still didn’t gain control of the midfield at any point in the game. And Ferdinand, Neville & co could have got out the cigars. Barely 15 min into the game and Roeder sends out the substitutes to warm up – now that says it all!! Shortly after that Milner raced down the right and prepared to cross to find that no body was any where near their box as Shola had slipped and was on his arse in the centre circle while the rest of our players were still in our half – embarrassing!! It was just looking like we were going to keep a clean sheet until half time when Solskjaer scored. He then doubled his tally 4 mins after the break and that was effectively game over. In truth it could have been 5 or 6 as we barely competed in the second half.
Adele enjoyed herself however. She was thoroughly impressed by the vociferous support of The Toon Army. She wanted to throw her chewing gum at the Manure fans sat only 5 yards from us (remind you of anyone?), and continually booed Ronaldo every time he touched the ball long after the novelty had worn off. It was amusing to watch Dirk trying to understand ‘teenage talk’, while Adele simply couldn’t comprehend Dirk’s Geordie, Cockney, German English.
It really depresses me to think that we were competing with Manure and giving them a good run for their money less than 10 years ago. Also that the best player on the field by a country mile was a Geordie playing for Manure. Surely that can’t be right!!
To round off a miserable day Roeder sent Luque out to warm up 10 mins from the end. Dirk pointed out that we’d already used our 3 subs. This prompted more ridicule from the home fans.