Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 1-0 Fenerbahce
 A.Sibierski 79.  Ozat,
Date: 19/10/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: UEFA Cup
Crowd: 30,035
Match Report Submitted on 22/10/2006 by Greavsie
It had been a pretty sh!tty day before I turned up at the Sporties. It was tossing it down when I left the house in the morning, I was full of cold, I had next to no petrol in the car, and it was bloody Harvest Festival assembly at the school. So after getting drenched filling the car up, as those so called forecourt roofs offer no sodding protection at all, and getting drenched again running from the car to the school. I had to sit through a range of turgid, badly written (a bit like my match reports ), pontificating songs that I've never heard before in my life, and never wish to again, telling us how we should be grateful for all the gifts of the harvest and how fortunate we all were, blah blah blah, kids dying in Africa, blah blah blah......... Well they don't have to go to the bloody match tonight do they ????????? they don't realise how bloody lucky they are !!!!!!!
So after a hard day's graft, and thinking, no I've paid for the ticket, I'll go along and suffer like everyone else. I decide I'm going to need a couple of pints just to make the evening slightly worthwhile, and opt not to take the car to the Sporties. Of course I need my key, which one of the kids had left in the garage door after getting their bike out, so finding that made me late leaving home. Off I trot along the Duffy to the bus stop. Fifty yards away, and the 222 goes flying past - effing hell !!! OK, so I'll give it five minutes and there's bound to be another along. Five minutes pass, so I'll wait another couple I think - I'll leave it till 6.15, and if there's not one coming I'll walk to the pub. (Lazy ba$tard I know...). Of course one doesn't turn up, so I start walking - the clock ticking by, so I text Beat that I might be a few minutes late. I get past the next stop, and someone's waiting there - there must be a bus due - but I daren't take the risk of waiting or I'll be late, so onwards. Another fifty yards, and two friggin busses come round the corner - do they do this on purpose ???? Anyway, I leg it back to the stop and hop on board - I make it to the sporties at 6.27 - plenty of time, and probably way earlier than usual, before anyone else says it.
Time to get a beer, then onto the bus. A low turnout from the lads, with a only a small bus and the numbers boosted by some new faces from Sherburn - it must have been the displaying of the flag in the village a few weeks back. Nearly everyone was not looking forward to the match, especially after the recent capitulations at home. However, there's always Greeny to add the voice of realism to proceedings. "Nah, marrer, we'll not get beat tonight" - I'm sure he predicted 3-1, but then he predicted the same scoreline last Sunday & look what happened there.
A bit ear caressing later, and I'd forgot all about the days woes and we headed off the the Irish Centre for a couple of pints before kick-off. Listening on the one hand, to Greeny's lad, Jack, and Quiet Lad extolling the virtues of various hard core bands, and Greeny himself reminiscing about Luther Vandross and eagerly anticipating the upcoming Lionel Ritchie concert, I suddenly became desperate for kick-off.
Of course the match was sh!te as usual. For us, next to no threat up front again, and a fairly poor Fenerbahce side with Kezman looking a shadow of the player he was about 4 years ago, posing no real threat - the match was played out mostly in midfield. Roeder had switched things about a bit, with Taylor & Ramage at Centre half, and Duff at left back. The 'wonderful' Stephen Carr managing to beat off all competition to hang onto his nailed down right back spot. He must have some dodgy photos of Roeder or the Chairman in a compromising position, as he wouldn't get near any other team. Can't tackle, can't cross (no matter how many times he tried), can't run back, can't run forward, can't jump - CAN'T PLAY !!!
Ramage looked comfortable all night, Taylor had a few wobbles, Duff looked OK, apart from a blatant body check in the first half - though, this was probably more to do with the poor attacking threat from the opposition to be honest.

In midfield, N'Zogbia got a start on the left, with Milner on the right, Parker & Emre in the middle as usual. Emre looked up for the battle, playing his arch enemies from back home - well for about five minutes he did - then Appiah seemed to get the better of him a bit. He picked up a knock but managed to struggle through to midway in the second half, and was replaced by Butt.
For me, the midfield just doesn't seem to have enough guile to open up a defence with a piece of magic, or a telling through ball. Everything was a bit laboured - slow and predictable - some of the passing was neat, but no real cutting edge to hurt the opposition. Sibierski and Martins started up front. Sibierski had a real battle all night, getting kicked or bundled over nearly everytime the ball went anywhere near him. but he just got up and got on with it. What he lacks in class, and he does lack real quality, he makes up for in effort. He's never going to set the world alight, and probably won't score too many goals, but he didn't hide, he won quite a few flick-ons, was trying to link up the play, but no-one seemed to manage to get onto the end of them. Too often Martins wasn't close enough to him, or just didn't read what was happening, so most attacks just fizzled out.
I'm still struggling to see where Martins is justifying the 10m fee. He's certainly not the 'proven premiership performer' Roeder wanted, and his words of not being able to afford another expensive foreign mistake, might just come back to haunt him. Perhaps we just need to find the right of way of playing to bring the best out of him. He did get a couple of shots in, one far too tame and straight at the keeper, and one good header, which was well saved, but he just doesn't look that sharp over the first five to ten yards, which I think we all expected him to be.

The only goal came from a corner. Nobby, who had come on as a sub and played sh!te, swung it over, Ameobi (also coming on as a sub and played sh!te) got his head to it, Taylor flicked it onwards towards goal, but Rustu Recber spilled it out to a grateful Sibierski who poked home. He jumped into the crowd as if it was a cup final, and surprisingly didn't get booked. A deserved goal, for his effort and for the battering he took all night.

So all that was left was the usual collapse - but no, despite a bit of pressure, we held out and took the three points. We were the better side, but not by much.
Back to the sporties for post match beer and analysis. -- I could ramble on some more, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to go through everything that's wrong and why Roeder can't see it, and how he's just Freddy's yes man etc etc

Here's looking forward to the next entertaining home game..................................................................could be a very long wait.

Oh and Beat, as Sean said, try to remember which David Bailey you are, and leave the effing camera at home !!!!!!! - what on earth do you need several hundred pictures of us ugly ba$tards for ?????? - answers on a post card --- or the message board