Season 2006-07 Result
Middlesbrough 1-0 Newcastle United
 Yakubu 85.
Date: 22/10/2006  Venue: Riverside Statium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 30,060
Match Report Submitted on 27/10/2006 by ?
A daytrip to Smogland
“Alreet lads, are you feeling positive” I asked as I got in the car. “No” replied Colin glumly. “Oh yes” said the ever happy Greeny, “we’ve got a great record against the smoggies. “Exactly, we’re bound to ruin it” replied Colin. He then explained how the Toon bring out the “glass half empty” syndrome in him. I think we all know how that feels, especially at the minute where just going to the match is a chore.

We set off in three cars at about quarter to one, Mick leading the way. On arrival at Beatles private car park, the Twinnies both asked Mick what was the matter, why had he been driving so slow? He pointed at PC Kev’s car and said I had an unmarked BMW behind me full of coppers. Kev had Trapper and two more of his law enforcing mates in tow . Congratulations to Kev on his rapid rise to Chief Constable, (there surely can’t be another explanation for him being able to afford a brand new BM)

We then went to the rather unusually named Purple Onion for some astronomically priced liquid refreshment, it was full of happy families out for Sunday lunch.

Onto the ground which is rapidly dating due to the chemicals in the air. I fcuking hate these new portacabin grounds, they all look the same, the bogs are always too small, the bars are always so crowded you can’t get your pint glass up to your mouth,

Once we got to our seats, we didn’t sit down for the whole game, boro might cut our allocation again , but they are nowhere near selling their own tickets . The moaning horrible tw*ts don’t have the excuse of being in Europe anymore and hopefully will never get there again.
As usual the away support was in good voice and “we hate Sunderland more than you” raised a chuckle. Keith Barratt of Toon travel was in front of us and he spied Freddie Fletcher in the “executive” corner and spent most of the match singing “if you hate Freddie Fletcher, clap your hands”

Cleveland Constabulary must have got some camcorders last Christmas, but not been able to find anyone bright enough to use them. When they finally worked it out, the Geordies just taunted them with ”smile for the camera”

We lost the game 1-0, despite being by far the better side especially in the first half, where Martins hit the crossbar when through one on one

Chrissie told Gary he would sort all his plumbing problems out. Despite a blazing heatwave throughout the country, Boro was covered in a haze of smog.