Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 3-0 Portsmouth
 G.Rossi 48,
 N.Solano 53,
 N.Solano 90.
Date: 25/10/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Carling Cup
Crowd: 25,028
Match Report Submitted on 27/10/2006 by Smike
Things Are Looking Rossi?
A Carling Cup game on a cold, wet and windy October evening when we are playing $hite was sure to sort the men out from the boys.

Jon Stoddart turned up, so did soddin’ Tintin. Both Beatrice & Albert Allchurch were there. Dr. Andreas Ludwig, Montgomery Burns, Vera & Gerald Ponsonby-Smythe, Frank Carson and even The Isley Brothers turned out; boosting the numbers from Carrville to a respectable 25. However, Craig Bellamy's Probation Officer was far too busy revising for some imminent exams.

So 25 Carrvillians braved the atrocious weather and assembled in The Sporties anticipating another early exit from another cup competition. I’ve come to the conclusion that under Roeders leadership it’s not tactics or formations that win games, it’s merely down to lucky omens and good karma. So when I realised that all three generations of the Endeans had tickets (including Chloe who has never seen The Toon loose) I knew we were destined for the next round. The continual debate relating to the virtues of a Harvest Festival raged on as we headed up the A1.

Roeder fielded a full strength side. The treacherous conditions had an effect as early as the 4th minute when a shot slipped through Harpers grasp and trickled just wide. LuaLua also had a chance but the waterlogged pitch meant that he over hit his first touch when through one on one. Both Martins and particularly Rossi looked sprightly as The Toon began to adapt to the conditions better than Pompy. Martins had a great chance towards the end of the first half; however his chip from outside the area landed on the roof of the net with James beaten. United took the lead shortly after half time when Rossi fired a low shot past James and the lead was doubled 5 mins later when substitute Duff provided a perfect cross for Solano to head home at the back post. Dyer came on for Butt and instantly injected some more pace and the result was made certain when Nobby scored his second in the last minute.

More of the same on Saturday please!

All credit to the Pompy fans for making the long journey. Let’s not fool ourselves, our lowest crowd of the season, 25,028 is slightly disappointing, but only as a result of our continual high standards. Anyway it’s still more than the peg sellers have mustered for the majority of their home games and is only slightly less than the smoggies average home attendance. In fact the smogs have had an average of 8,000 empty seats for home league games this season-pathetic!!!! And while I’m on the subject: Man City really make me laugh with their ‘Where were you when you were $hite’ taunts. Now that they’re having a bad spell their loyal, passionate fans are deserting in their droves. They also have 8,000 empty seats for home games and recently returned 1,000 tickets for the short trip to Everton and a pitiful 2,000 made the 40 mile round trip to Wigan. Who’s $hite now?

Rant over!

The return journey rekindled fond memories of juvenile riots at Roy’s table football tournaments, darts and action men. Everyone was in a happier frame of mind and it was back to The Sporties for a celebratory pint or two.

Turns out the grumpy old men are lightweights without their leader George as Readman, Passmore & Smith were the last to leave The Sporties for the third game running.