Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 0-0 Charlton Athletic
 C.Babayaro.  Faye.
Date: 28/10/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 48,642
Match Report Submitted on 03/11/2006 by Passy
Doom and Gloom?????????????

Itís almost that time again folks!!!! Christmas is just around the corner. Only 58 sleeps until Santa comes YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I spend 3 hours shopping for presents waiting in queues, people bumping into you. Joining one queue only to find the other one is going down quicker. Then in Argos the cashier saysď Iím sorry sir, Please can you stand here and do F*** all for the next 20 minutes while we do a random check on your debit card. Please feel free to look like a total criminal who is using a stolen cardĒ. And to make matters worse, with all that walking around I can feel the beginnings of a case of Hoop starting as well as £600 less in my bank. BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!

Into the Sporties I go and Iím first in along with Dirk as we share a beer and a bit crack. ďItís nice to talk to an intelligent chap from time to time. Someone who has a different look on life and is obviously well educated. Instead of the usual riff raff I have to talk toĒ. Thanks for the compliment Dirk!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the rest of the ďriff raffĒ start to arrive and the beer starts to flow. And itís onto the bus with bottle of Broon to keep us company. Greeny is there with an exclusive 2005 Bulgarian red wine. I have to admit that 2004 was a terrific year for Bulgarian red whist in 2005 it began to be a little corky.

Whilst enjoying the crack a most horrible thought came over me. It was something that I just could not answer at this present time so maybe you can post on the notice board your opinion to the following. Who would you rather be locked in a room with ???? A Pi$$ed Greavsie with his over the top obnoxious attitude??? Or a Pi$$ed Mr Cheatham who has yet more rose wine in his bag.??? Wow that is soooo hard to answer.

Pre match beer was in the cosmic botters bar upstairs in the dark. Everything was decked out ready for Halloween. The decorations were not the only thing that was scary as we were charged 3 different prices each time we went to the bar. Also there must have been a poltergeist in there as several of the ghoulish decorations disappeared before our very eyes. Is that scary or What?????????

Anyway, itís off to the game with a seat in the Sir John Hall stand (remember him?) and I must say it was a pleasure to sit there. There was none of this moaning and groaning at every missed pass or mistake only encouragement and support like it should be. The match itself should have been over by half time but you donít win games if you do not put the ball in the onion sack. Second half we were back to the poor side which we had against Bolton and not the world beaters we had against Pompey. I will not be mentioning the game again but I will say this. I work for a very large company with millions of pounds of turnover every year. If we spend ten million pounds on new machines will that guarantee that we will make a profit and be successful??? NO If we have people who are trained to get the maximum out the machine and are experts in this machine then we stand a much better chance.

If we employ any muppet who does not know anything about this machine and has no experience with it, then we will make jack pap. If this is the case then the MD of the company has failed to deliver the goods. This would never happen where I work so why is it happening at our football club??????

Do you think we are all starting to have a drink problem as there are more and more of us going back to the Sporties after the game to top up with more beer. I hope so as it wont be long before one of us gets totally bollixed and make a complete ar$ehole of himself.

By the way, what time did I home?????