Season 2006-07 Result
Arsenal 1-1 Newcastle United
 T.Henry 70.
 K.Dyer 30.
Date: 18/11/2006  Venue: Emirates Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 60,058
Match Report Submitted on 26/11/2006 by The Carrville Limekick Society
In keeping with the message board trend
To be poets we would like to pretend
This Arsenal report
Is not very short
And its limericks from the start to the end.

Here goes………

The alarm went off at 6.11,
To be at the station for 7,
It was damp, cold and bleak,
So Passy set out to seek,
A bandit - and he was in heaven!

To say we're all on the same train was a lie,
However we thought we should try,
But eight got kicked off,
At the Darlington Stop,
Which is where we met Barry Fry.

At Darlington what should we do?
Roy decided to neck a few,
But when the train rolled in,
Roy’d had more than one tin,
And Passy won some money back too.

Now Roy will stand out in a crowd
And Chrissy is ever so proud
Of his fat baldy dad
Who is ever so mad
And when he's drunk is ever so loud

O’Niells, Kings Cross for opening time
This was were we decided to dine
Very soon George found
His ‘All Day’ for six pound
Arrived so late that he ate half of mine!

Durham station, 7am. Darlington station, 8am.
Barry Fry – Carrville Mag? A winning streak? Darlo station.
O’Niells, Kings Cross.

In O’Neill’s Passy ordered some bait
He was worried when the waiter was late
“Where’s my sausage Baguette?”
(He was starting to fret)
It turned out it was on Gary’s plate

The food in O’Niells it was very good
So Chrissy and Craig did what they should
An All Day Breakfast
Was devoured quite fast
But Craig had never before tasted Black Pud.

On the tube the Gooners would scoff
Saying The Toon are heading for the drop
Their mouths were soon closed
And they covered their nose
When Generous Eric let a stink bomb off.

To Dirk we would like to say 'Danka',
Cos he's certainly not a Kraut w******,
For old punks it's a dream,
To say they have been,
To The Islington Hope & Anchor!

The Emirates Stadium is tidy and neat
With loads of room and a cushioned seat
But its not a lie
£5 for a pie
That contained far more gravy than meat.

We genuinely thought that we’d score naught
While having a football lesson taught
We were in good voice
Did we have any choice?
But to give The Toon our best ever support.

Martins played an exquisite through pass
That Dyer was onto in a flash
We all held our breath
As the ball hit the net
And Dirk slipped and ended up on his ass.

Took all day to come. Hope & Anchor. Who won the cup?
Hope & Anchor. Who won the war? The crew – The Hope & Anchor.
Hope & Anchor.

‘We’ve got Kieron Dyer…’ we started to shout
‘Pogo for The Toon’ and we jumped about
It was hard to take in
We could even win
As we were beating the mighty Arsenal one nowt.

Inevitably the Arsenal would score
Still, we’d settle for a score draw
Another great Given save
Prompted a Mexican wave
And we defended like never before.

You should have seen the smile on our faces
We left the ground singing ‘Blaydon Races’
To the Drayton Park
Just a short walk
And we’d moved up the league by two places.

Now was the time to sing and celebrate
Our draw at the new Emirates was great
We had plenty of time
For beer and wine
As our train did not leave ‘till half eight.

Craig was pulled from the Drayton Park bar
The coppers asked if he had come from afar
“Someone like you has been missed,
Is it you, are you pissed?"
“No, I’m allowed, ring up, ask me da”

Another short journey on the tube train
Back to King’s Cross for more of the same
The Cockneys were mad
The smell was so bad
As Eric had dropped another stink bomb again.

At King's Cross we all went for a stroll,
To help celebrate Dyer's great goal,
We found a good bar,
Beat didn't see the car,
Or the protruding scaffolding pole.

‘Get in!’ ‘Gannin aleng The Scotswood Road…’
  Coxhoe Mags.

Now your never gonna believe this
Passy and Kirky were busting for a pi$$
And their poor friend Beat
Was knocked off his feet
By a pole that you that you just couldn't miss.

In the pub we listened to Paul Weller,
Whilst watching a very drunk fella,
He fell twice on the floor,
Then opened the door,
And fell head first down into the cellar!

We all know that Smike likes his bait,
But he's turning into a light-weight,
On the train coming back,
He missed all the crack,
He fell asleep before half past eight.

On the train there was no flag to unfurl,
So Passy entertained us with ‘Young Girl’.
Gary necked more than a few,
Out-sang the Doncaster crew,
While Smike went to the bog for a hurl.

Eric sat next to Carl who’s from Crook
But the coppers, they must have mistook
Carl got kicked off at York
And went for a very long walk
While Eric couldn’t believe his good luck.

Chrissies & Craig needed another good feed
More cold beer was all that Roy needs
They were all in a hurry
For Snakebite & Curry
But we were diverted via Wakefield & Leeds.

To conclude we have really got to say
That we all had a tremendous day
More of the same
In the next game
And The Toon will be well on the way.

The Drayton Park.  
  Somewhere at Kings Cross.
The train coming back.

This novel match report we’re sure you’ll applaud
Just like we did when Kieron Dyer scored
Can you write a rhyme?
If so, find the time
And get it posted onto the message board.