Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 1-0 Portsmouth
 A.Sibierski 69.
Date: 26/11/2006  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 48,743
Match Report Submitted on 16/12/2006 by Sean
Any Port………

Sunday 1.30pm, what a $hite time for a footy match!

Despite having no chance of Sunday dinner and knowing I was definitely going to drink too much, I felt quite excited about playing the furthest team from the toon. Indeed once I was up and about, I got the papers at about 7.05am and returned home to the kids fed and watered and an opportunity to actually have some breakfast and read the sport, this was a good start to the day.

A shave and a bath later and I was off to pick up keiron’s ticket, roi, chrissy and craig. It seemed all was not well when I arrived in Brandon as chrissy had not been to bed all night and had in fact been waiting at the newsagents at 6am when they opened to buy more beer and craig was all loved up (with his stepdad). Roi was in top form however despite having over £500 quids worth of baccy nicked by beats lot at customs after his European foray. Apparently they didn’t believe the tobacco was purely his when he told them he only got 30 rollys from a pouch, no such problem with the 1500 quids worth of booze which they clearly guessed was for his own consumption!

Thanks for the bottle of wine mate.

So another tight schedule to make the bus meant a steady bottle of becks on the way through whetting the appetite for a liquid lunch and a canny afternoon drink. No stage door so the irish centre was the order of the day and a very civilised couple of pints of artois set the mood for the match.

On arrival in the Gallowgate end it was obvious all was not right, Roi and myself found out that someone else was probably wearing our ‘free’ scarves, along with about another 30 or so late entries. An abrupt word or two later with a supervisor and then a sensible decision by a steward meant the ‘missing’ boxes of scarves reappeared and were distributed correctly to those of us waiting, once in my seat some not so lucky Geordies were interested to hear how there were suddenly scarves and beat a hastie path back down to the concourse to get there own clobber sorted!

So the football, it was definitely a big improvement over virtually every game we have played this season. For the first time there were glimmers of fluency, some decent passing and a system which wasn’t hampered by forced early substitutions. In truth P’mouth were utterly crap, how they have managed to accumulate their current points total is beyond me based on this display, however credit must go to the lads who kept going despite numerous opportunities going begging. Dyer was outstanding (a gashed leg late on, yet more cause for concern), Solano suited the right fullback role perfectly with his astute reading of the game, his fitness and his solid contributions going forward aswell, Butt was again solid if unremarkable in a necessary fashion, Emre looked happier and busier with Butt alongside him and the only real disappointment is N’zogbia whose contributions seem to have dipped, although in his defence other teams have sussed him as a danger now and he hasn’t had free license this season.

So out we came, probably for the first time this season, feeling upbeat and having not even frequented Mr Shearers watering hole for a pint before the bus (Roi was obviously disorientated by this)! Our usual off license ensured Kronenberg for the short journey before a couple of pints in the Arms rounded off a pleasant day.

Then I got home to find the Mother – In – Law had prepared a plate of dinner for me to complete an almost perfect day, Thank you Mrs Forster.

Just goes to show, 1.30pm on a Sunday is not a $hite time for a footy match!

Special thanks to Roi and Smike for their kindness in ensuring Joel, Isaac and Jared will all have scarves to remember the day. Cheers.