Season 2006-07 Result
Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Newcastle United
 P.Ramage 32 (og),
 N.Anelka 57.
 K.Dyer 8.
Date: 26/12/2006  Venue: Reebok Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 26,437
Match Report Submitted on 05/01/2007 by Beat
Garlic? Bread??
A fairly quiet bus pulled into the Reebok Stadium car-park at 2.30pm on Boxing Day, after another detour and delayed arrival caused by the lack of Sat Nav in Guff’s buses (a road atlas later than 1999 would help).

Eric, sitting in the front row, was well behaved and especially quiet as the driver opened his window to get parking instructions from the Lancashire plod.

The copper’s accent was pure Peter Kane. Laura Cheatham couldn’t stop herself. “GARLIC? BREAD? What’s that about” was followed by ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’. She’s learning quickly. Eric was a proud father when everyone joined in singing.
It was the only tuneful singing we had all day. Pre match pub singing featured Studs, Endean, Eric and Passy in full voice.

Passy cannot remember singing ‘Young Girl’ and was surprised to hear that he had duet-ed, with Endean, down Mexico way with Speedy Gonzales.
The new people in charge of the pub were slightly surprised by the on-the-table antics of some of the singers, but must have been happily surprised by the amount of beer necked and breakfasts sold.

Passy was scathing in his opinion of the breakfast VFM, but kept his opinions fairly quiet so not to upset the bar staff – one had loaned him her hair-dryer to dry his jeans. He knew it was too dangerous to take off his jeans after (deliberately??) spilling a full pint of snakey down them. So we were spared his knitted thong – matching his tank-top and hat.
The tank top compo was won by George. He wore his nephew’s Christmas present. Passy’s hand-knitted effort was deserving of serious ridicule. Even some of the basey wearers succumbed. Luke’s effort was commendable and the Rainton and Newton Hall contingents made the effort.
Somehow Just had translated tank top to mean ‘leather bomber jacket’. It must have been a Christmas present. He’s a phenomenon. Most disappointed was Hose B, whose £4 charity shop effort was complemented with a grotesque Hawaiian shirt and one of Eric’s corporate freebie hats. Once again Eric was fully into the Christmas ‘spirit’ – hats, singing, sprout sandwiches …….and wind.
Prizes for being miserable ba$tard; a tight-git (wouldn’t buy a tank-top); and having a nightmare, were handed out.

A game of Killer saw the nightmare shirt get passed around, and its original winner ended up ‘grumpy’ – fairly appropriate really when he discovered that his bait box was empty when he got on the bus after the game.
His hat was seriously singed, and it was eventually stolen too. After he tried on the grumpy shirt, it was stretched large enough for John and Paul to fit into it together
As for the game it was a familiar story. Sh!t ground, sh!t fans (some of ours were too for abusing Taylor and Ramage at the end, plus a “Town Full of Pakeys” got an airing from small minority. (See Yorkshire Mags Bolton report + can you spot Brian C?)
So another Boxing Day away game followed its usual path.

Got up early, got to the pub for 11.30, got lost on the way to the ground - and got beat. Same again next year?

The theme is Happy Days. (Just will be in his tank top.)