Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 2-2 West Ham United
 J.Milner 45,
 N.Solano 53 (pen).
 Cole 18,
 Harewood 22.
Date: 20/01/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,095
Match Report Submitted on 28/01/2007 by Trapper
There didn’t seem to be a great deal of optimism as we set off from the Sporties, but we had a full bus as usual. Passy was obviously feeling guilty after accusing everybody of eating all his Ferrero Rochers and his sandwiches on the Boxing Day Bolton trip. To make amends he had brought a plastic bag full of bacon and sausage and black pudding sarnies.

Quiet lad assisted by being his “trolley dolly” , I’m not sure why he was dressed as Jimmy Kranky. Passy rewarded him with a cheese and pickle bun. QL said it was “fandabidozy”.
Smike won the football card without Sturdys help this time, he then had to do his Blakey impression and collect the bus fares, cos Ian’s away on another holiday.

A very unimpressive start found us 2-0 down after 25 minutes, Ramage being to blame for both goals. I don’t think its going to help the lads confidence with the crowd slagging him off. He might not be good enough, he might never be good enough, but he’s got a black and white shirt on, so he should be supported and encouraged.
Milner pulled one back just before half time, there’s been a little bit of controversy about Parker being offside. Well its just about time we got a decision. A penalty in the second half saw us draw level and we had more than enough chances to win the game, Oba had two great chances, but was foiled by two good saves. Urine Rennie was his usual pedantic self and never let the game flow. We were probably happy to get a point after being 2 down, but its more dropped points at home and not good enough. The journey home saw Just elbow Greeny causing his nose to bleed, Greeny only wanted to borrow his Fonz jacket.
“blood transfusion for Greenwood please.”
Greeny shouted for Joanne to come to his aid. She replied “I’m a bloody hairdresser, not a nurse”
The excitement was all too much for Davy Endean.