Season 2006-07 Result
Fulham 2-1 Newcastle United
 Helguson 49,
 B.McBride 73.
 O.Martins 90.
Date: 03/02/2007  Venue: Craven Cottage  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 24,340
Match Report Submitted on 07/02/2007 by ?
Ugly Betty?
Me, Ian, Lee, Jonny and Gary set off on what would be our 8th away game together this season.

It was the earliest start this season, meeting at 6 50am in Durham train station. We got our London Underground tickets in Durham to stop the confusion at Kings Cross. The train left the station shortly after 7am and we were set for a 3hour journey to London.

Gary slept most of the way down but to his credit he didnít get in until 5 30am, so he deserved some sleep. As usual The Sport was brought along, but also the Star this time. We got talking to a family from Blyth who were Colchester fans travelling down to watch their side play Birmingham. We all agreed that we would prefer Colchester to win to firmly keep Scumberland out of the Play-offs.

We arrived at Kings Cross at around 10 30am and set about making our way to Earls Court where to meet Dirk. We had our 1st pint in Wetherspoons, then, after that, it was the short tube journey to Earls Court to see Dirk, but to our surprise, we would also meet a celebrity. New Channel 4 celeb Ugly Betty was the barmaid.

We then headed on to Putney Bridge, which is a 5 minute walk from Craven Cottage. We got served by a Polish barmaid which made Gary come out with saying of the day "I'll marry you just to make sure you stay in this country" Ian couldn't contain himself and spat most of his drink over the bar.

It was soon 2 30 and time to head to the ground. In true Carrvillemag fashion the best was yet to happen. On approaching the ground I jumped from a wall, and when I landed I lost my footing and fell to the ground. I tried to pick myself back up and fell over again. Everyone was laughing - even the Cockney T****.

Before kick off we met celeb number 2 of the day, Val out of Emmerdale was seated right near us, So Lee being Lee had to have his photo taking with her. As for the match itís the worst i've seen us play this season, including the humiliation against Sheff Utd and Birmingham.

The 1st half was a non-entity with no attacking styles from any team. With the game looking a certian 0-0 bore draw we shot our selves in the foot again. Nicky Butt, one of our most consistent players this season, played a horrible back pass, which left Steve Harper in no-mans-land in the box, leaving Helguson the simple chance of lobbing it over him. 1-0 was shortly to become 2-0 with Diop turning Carr inside out twice and slipping the ball to Mcbride who placed his shot beautifully.

We left shortly afterwards meaning we didnít see Oba Martins bag his 11th of the season. There were 1 or 2 positives from the day, The new signing Gooch played well with Titus at the back, and Milner looked his ever busy self.

We arrived back at Kings Cross at 5 20 and had 3 more pints before getting our drink sorted for the journey back. 8 bottles for a £5er, you couldnít go wrong. Songs on the way back included Ianís version of "Young Girl", my version of "Angels", Leeís version of "I am Sailing" and Jonnyís version of "Luke fell over". We made a whole team effort to show how much we hated bloody rugger (rugby) with the train packed with sweaty socks and posh English C**** coming back from Twickenham. As always with these trips you get warned by the police for been loud, and get the old "It isnít a football train" talking-to off them.

Ian also deserves a mention for trying to pull the minger of the day, some lass called Jessica - she was a right stinker. To his disappointment she got off at Darlington. We arrived back at Durham at 10 40pm and with Ian Lee, Jonny and Gary staying out in Durham, I headed to the bus station. Yet another good away day was spoiled by Newcastle Untied FC, but I didnít let this one bother me to much because it is the best away trip Iíve ever had.

Bring on Liverpool next Saturday and bring on the next away day with the lads.....WIGAN !!!!!