Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 1-0 Zulte Waregem
 O.Martins 68.  Reina.
Date: 22/02/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: UEFA Cup
Crowd: 30,000
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The Dut Diaries – Part 1.
After a really hard day at work I was pleased to hear that Passy wasn’t able to make the Waregem game and was giving his ticket to me! This cheered me up no end.

Really, I’ve just recovered from my near-death experience on Boxing Day. My flirtation with fire nearly cost me my life.

The weather was lousy, one of those nights when it doesn’t know whether to rain or not, one of those nights when it’s not really raining but you still get soaked. Foolishly, I opted not to wear a jacket.

I tried to persuade Passy to give me a lift to The Sporties but he refused as he was playing on some internet gambling website. So I trundled up the High Street in the mizzle and into The Sporties for 5.45pm.
Getting wet walking up The High Street. First one into The Sporties?
I was the first Carrville Mag in The Sporties. Fortunately my old mate – Crash Helmet was at the bar he got me a drink and then allowed me a go of his brand new motorbike.
Aaargh! The first one’s always the best. Crash Helmet’s new bike.
One by one the lads started to arrive. There was an excellent turn out: 31 Carrvillians for a game that was televised and was all but over after the first leg. Before we knew it, it was time to get onto the bus with another beer for the journey. I could tell that this was going to be a good night.
6.30pm One for the road.
It was just as well I’d brought plenty of money – I didn’t want the lads to think that I was as tight as Passy. £5 bus fare is very reasonable, but I think I’ll have to buy a Travelcard for next season.
“Are you a member son?” “And the winner is……………”
I was certain I’d win the card, however the money went to Ian (as if he hasn’t got enough, and he still didn’t get the beers in). I was just getting ready for another beer as we arrived at The Toon and decided to go to The Irish Centre.
“Are you a member son?......sign here” A private party, indeed!
The cheeky twad on the door asked for some ID and then made me sign in. I think it’s bloody stupid to have a private party upstairs on match days. I tried to gatecrash, only to have the door slammed in my face by some stroppy cow in a red dress!

It was now that I made a big mistake – I got into a round with George.

Climbing the steps to the Black & White Club was very difficult after 6 pints, however I eventually made it just in time to get a bet on.
Bloody knackered! 3-1 to The Toon, Milner first goal.
There were around 1,000 noisy Waregem fans in the away corner. I fully expected to beat these partimers easily but it wasn’t to be. I couldn’t wait for half time as I knew we could get a beer. Just to prove that I’m not as tight as Passy, I got the beers in. The bar maid was gorgeous and I think she fell for my irresistible charm. I then realised that it had been 3 hours since I’d had something to eat…..the hot dog was delightful.
“6 pints please gorgeous!” The best Hot Dog around?
The second half was as boring as the first. I thought that Bramble had a great game and Martins is impressing me more & more. He hardly touched the ball yet still managed to score from a limited number of chances.
“Get in!”
That was basically game over. Anyway I was ready for another pint. I must apologise profusely to both Johnny and Gemma. I didn’t realise that Gemma was Johnny’s girlfriend when I was chatting her up!
“Do you come here often?” Posh nettys.
On the way back to the bus I took a detour via the Kebab shop.