Season 2006-07 Result
Newcastle United 0-2 Blackburn Rovers
 N.Butt.  McCarthy 14,
 Roberts 73.
Date: 05/05/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 51,226
Match Report Submitted on 11/06/2007 by ?
In One Hand & Out The Other!
The last home game: the most eagerly awaited game of the season. Not because we’ve ever had anything to celebrate, but because we receive our savings from John, spend it on extra beer and see the season out in style with a party and a sing song.

George was really excited. He’d managed to save £40 this season and decided to stay in The Toon, meet some mates and spend his savings on a slap-up meal and a few extra gargles. Things started to go pair shaped when George turned up at the pub to find his mates weren’t there. He took up his place on a bar stool at the end of the bar, bought a pint and waited…………………….and waited.
Amazingly he did have his mobile phone with him…………………….it was on silent!

Six or seven pints later he decides that they are not coming and leaves the pub. While contemplating what to do next, a taxi pulls up. ‘Carrville’ he says as he gets in.

Most Carrvillians had spent their savings partying in The Sporties and The Keys until all hours, some used it to go down Durham for a few beers and some scran, while others spent it going to see The Jam at Middlesboro Town Hall.

George? He spent his on a £38 taxi fair home from The Toon.

Today’s game was total shit! We extended our scoreless home sequence to 470 minutes - the worst since April 1951. It's just one win in our last ten Premiership outings. While the post-match "protest" outside the Milburn Reception was trotted out as proof that the natives were agitating for change, the real story was to be found the gaps in the stands as another below-par home campaign petered out. It remains to be seen how many season holders remain in a rotten fettle when the renewals come through the door - certainly nobody will have been inspired to invest a brass farthing in the club after this display.

Blackburn took the lead on 14mins when Solano failed to clear on the edge of our box and the ball broke down our left. Pedersen laid the ball back to Warnock who flighted it onto the penalty spot for an offside-looking McCarthy to guide the ball past Harper in the Gallowgate End goal. TV replays showed that Onyewu was slow to come out and was level with the scorer. United were booed off at the interval.

The ground started to empty after United went two behind when Bentley had acres of space to canter down the right and after coming inside Milner floated a ball onto the head of Roberts who couldn't miss from six yards out. Quite what Ramage and Onyewu thought they were doing marking fresh air in the middle remains a mystery.

Most of us, including George were in the pub by the time the final whistle went.