Season 2007-08 Result
Bolton Wanderers 1-3 Newcastle United
 N.Anelka 50.
 C.N'Zogbia 11,
 O.Martins 21,
 O.Martins 27.
Date: 11/08/2007  Venue: Reebok Stadium  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 25,414
Match Report Submitted on 27/08/2007 by Trapper
Bolton, away, the first game of the season!

The first game of the season is always a bit special and with a new manager, new signings and a new owner I thought there would have been a bit more interest in seeing Big Sam return to his roots.

The day didn’t start particularly well, a trip round to the local Mike Ashley superstore found that they didn’t have any adult size 2007-2008 black & white Toon strips.

So the old trusty light blue Carrville mags T-shirt had to be recovered from the back of the wardrobe.

A short walk round to the new houses in the middle of Quiet Lads estate and I met with PC Kev, Acting Sergeant Paul and Police Trainer (god, help us!) Dave. We had to look around Daves pristine new back garden which gave him the new nickname of “Dobbies Dave”.

He then had a 30 minute briefing on how to use their lasses satnav, Kev said “We know where were going, we’ve been loads of times” Dave replied “ It tells you where the speed cameras are”. Dave wasn’t impressed when he was told we wouldn’t have to speed if we’d set off when we were supposed to.

We set off and were immediately told to turn right at the end of the street, the womans voice was not amused when we turned left and I thought the device was going to explode when we decided to go along the A66 instead of the M62. The bloody machine kept beeping all the time and when Poncy Paul asked what it was and Dave replied”It tells me the nearest cashpoints are” PP retorted “Like you’d ever use them” Kaliper Kev spat his black cherry yoghurt over the back of DD’s new Toon top (purchased the day before from JJB)

The piss taking continued all the way to Bolton, but PP had had enough of the satnav when with the ground in sight, the annoying voice told us to turn left. “We F***ing know, we can see the f***ing ground, shut the f*** up” DD turned it off before it was thrown out the window.

It was decided not to park in the car park or the usual industrial estate and we ended up in a pub car park 20 minutes walk from the ground. KK’s turn to have an outburst “its too far, it’ll take forever to walk there, its going to rain” he moaned, but just got totally ignored, he was obviously worrying about his Kaliper rusting.

We were into the ground in plenty of time for the kick off and the news that Chopra had scored a last minute winner for the mackems.

3 nil up by half time and it was game over, Fatty Carr got exposed as they scored a consolation, but overall a superb result and a very promising start.

Time for a quick pint before the others got back to the car and then we were heading back up the motorway with no queueing and home by quarter to eight. No satnav needed.