Season 2007-08 Result
Newcastle United 0-0 Aston Villa
Date: 18/08/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 51,049
Match Report Submitted on 23/08/2007 by Beat
“Get off, you’re $hit”
Perhaps last season, after a fairly flat performance with hardly any chances, then that would have been the shout at Sid James’ Park. On Saturday, at 2pm, the only voice heard moaning about the performance was Stud’s.
George doesn't like punk either. He prefers a bit of Quo - or even Fat Larry’s Band. So nothing tempted him onto the dance-floor in Belmont Club. (Belmont Club - in the parish of Belmont - containing Gilesgate, Belmont and Carrville, as well as Broomside and Moor End.)
Young Chrissy still struggles with 70s and 80s punk lyrics. He enjoyed SLF’s Taylor the Monster, but he struggled with the words for The Clash’s White Rhyme. Needless to say he was spot-on with Pretty Vacant - it could have been written for him. “Who’s on drums?” asked Paul Elliott; “The drummer” replied older bro.
Britain’s Got Talent missed out so George deputised for Simon Callow, in his designer 50p Toon Army basey from Turkey.

The band is Sean (a young Hendrix/Donnegan according to Sid), Smike on bass, Johna up-front, and big Vince on drums.
It was a remarkably solid, sustained, high tempo 50 minute set, that was interspersed with cheap drink and flying drumsticks (in response to Stud‘s abuse). The best investment of the day was the free burgers and hotdogs and onions. Drinking at club prices from before 1pm could have been dangerous but the quantity of food meant that all appetites were sated - and hangovers avoided.
Once again Sean enjoyed the specially prepared vegetarian option of just onions in a bun. There was an almost 100% take-up on badges. (Not many left now - reserve yours soon Flowers and Hoban families…..)
As usual the pre and post match crack was champion. But as for the match, Sam’s got to try and play with some width at home - and that’s why full-backs are the most important positions for us at the moment. Despite not being able focus fully on the far corners of the pitch, I’ll admit to being disappointed with the contribution of Viduka, Martins, and, to a lesser extent, Smith (the football player, not the bass player - he’s been well tutored by Adele.)
The new season-tickets caused chaos at the East Stand turnstiles. Despite an early departure from the Irish Club and the Stage Door, the queues were massive - caused it seems by only alternate gates being open.

Davey Endean nearly missed the kick-off, which was ironic as had missed out seeing Mid Life Crisis when he arrived late, just as they came off stage. It was perfect timing, according to George.
Colin never made it to the gig either as he had an excited brother to look after. Despite being certainties to jump and run around, the Milburns went through to Newcastle early and missed the performance, and so we all missed Alan. But he made up for it on the bus coming back. “Our young ‘un, Our young ‘un, whoa whoa whoa, Our young ’un.” Thank you Forrest Gump.