Season 2007-08 Result
Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle United
 Higginbotham 52.
 J.Milner 65.
Date: 10/11/2007  Venue: The Stadium Of Light  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 47,701
Match Report Submitted on 12/11/2007 by Beat
I was at Sunlun the last time they beat us there. Stan Cummings scored. I was in the Roker End with Sid. We left slightly early to get back to the car and there were mackems dancing for joy outside the ground.

I wasn’t very old but remember thinking … I fcuking hate this $hit hole.

As I’ve matured I’d like to think I’ve become more rational. I’ve always gone to Sunlun – apart from the no away fans game at Joker Park. Apparently it’s now 10 years since they moved to the SOS – a tax-payer subsidised regeneration investment, with a ridiculous name.

Saturday’s game meant the usual complications; a shortage of tickets and problems with buses. There were a few disappointments, but most of the regulars were sorted – around 25 managed to get to the game.

Despite John Elliott’s best efforts at getting a replacement for Sherburn Coaches, he was thwarted and so it was a choice of an early start to go through to Newcastle for a seat on the organised convoy of coaches; the Metro with the daft lads; or drive straight through, with a scarf out of the window, like the old days.

Kirky couldn’t be ar$ed to go to Newcastle early so opted for the scarf out of the window option after a pint in the Sporties at 11:15.

So parking-up on near Newcastle Road Baths meant a walk down to the SOS. Passing through some back streets we approached the ground passing their ticket office where Davey E spotted a dead rat. Bad omen or what?

As I’ve got older I’ve tried to come to terms with what I thought was irrational dislike of everything to do with Sunlun. I know there are some charva infested dog-end bad-lands in Newcastle but the difference about the mackem’s capital is that it really is just one, continuous, run-down pit village. As Sid said (remember he’s 70-odd, from Byker via Sleetburn) “I’d rather live in tent in a field in the wilds than live around here. I hate the place!”

We’d managed to sort Craig with a ticket, but it was for a juvenile, so he had to shave-off his bum fluff to look like a fifteen year old. He went that bit further and dressed-up as Action Man (GI Jane according to Roy).

He wasn’t the only one in fancy dress. Earlier, in the Sporties car park at 9:30, Roy – as excited as ever – misplaced his tickets within two minutes of getting them – probably something to do with dressing-up with a jumper that made him look like a deep-sea diver.

Kirky also appeared to be in fancy dress – sporting a black eye. (Don’t ask).
“You look like a fcuking bull terrier Kirky!” said Studs at half-time.

“You can take your mask off now Kirky” suggested Roy.

“Fcuk off you deep sea diver” said Kirky, in response.

“Aye, but I’ll be deep-sea diving on wor lass tonight!”

At this point Chrissy was less than happy……

“Aaargh fcuk off fatha, that’s me mutha you’re talking about!”
So that’s the crack. The match was poor, we created hardly any excitement but we still pi$$ed on their fireworks. Much chaos arose when we equalised, as we were right beside the ‘home’ nuggets. Young Chrissy made some very expressive gestures that caught the eye of one the plods. Gary T’s sheer physical presence (and pre-match intake of beer bargain buckets) meant he caused more than a few ripples as he barged towards the home fans to remind them about our equaliser. (Ask him to show you his SOS souvenir – a two pint plastic vase.)

Many of the part-timers on the other side of the divide, noticed our black-eyed peace ambassador, who was standing on his seat giving them some friendly salutes. Several choruses of “KEANO, he w@nks his dog KEANO!” seemed to wind them up nicely. Tremendous.

However after the game, during the long walk back-up Newcastle Road, passing miserable mackem packed pubs, we too asked Kirky if he could remove his mask.
“You’ll Never Beat The Geordies”. Greavsie lookalike gets the drinks in.
Half time beers.