Season 2007-08 Result
Newcastle United 0-3 Liverpool
 S.Gerrard 28,
 D.Kuyt 46,
 Babel 66.
Date: 24/11/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 52,307
Match Report Submitted on 28/11/2007 by Mr Angry

Another fcuking stupid kick off time, the greedy batsards at the FA really fcuk me off.

Their complete lack of brains really shone through on Wednesday night when England had to play on a field resembling Erics allotment after some dozy tw*t arranged an American “football” (I’m not even going to think about starting about that shite!) a couple of weeks before an international. Croatia didn’t seem to mind though, they had players who obviously love the game, not like the overpaid, overhyped, tossers whose ambitions only extend to future appearances in the jungle or on a dancefloor.

The bus had to leave at 1115hrs and Ian “Blakey” Walker had devised a new ticket system to control the new pay before you ride system. It wasn’t very popular with the crowd at the back of the bus. I’m sure he’ll listen to any better ideas!

The highlight of the whole day was the unveiling of Wilfs new “Baldrick” haircut. Absolute quality.

The traffic was heavy and a late arrival meant just enough time to get into the “irish” for a quick pint and a corned beef savoury stottie. Then it was into the ground in time for the jobsworth at Ladbrokes to refuse my bet for the last goalscorer because the game had kicked off. (my anger management therapist would have been proud of me).

An hour of the game was enough for me, and a few thousand others who were all squeezed into the Strawberry.

Johnas mid life crisis has took another turn for the worse, he’s just bought himself some new black 12 hole Doc Martens with yellow stitching. Should go down well in the boardroom! I suppose they should be thankful his hair is receding or they could have ended up with an MD with a Mohican.