Season 2007-08 Result
Newcastle United 1-1 Arsenal
 S.Taylor 60.
 Adebayor 4.
Date: 05/12/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 50,305
Match Report Submitted on 07/12/2007 by Greavsie
With this being the only Premiership match on the night, attention of the national sports media was well and truly focussed on St. James' Park last night. A boat load of photographers were camped in front of the home dugout before kick-off, then most decamped to behind Given's goal, no doubt hoping for a shed load of goals. From all the build up, you could sense a baying for blood from the press. Well they can just F**k right off. The sh!t stirring ar$ewipes will have to write about something else after last night's game.

I'm totally pi$$ed off with picking-up so called 'news'papers to see utter garbage splashed across back and front pages, that is completely misrepresenting the club and the fans. The sad thing is that it isn't just the national press - as the local rags have been at it as well.

There's little doubt that the effort on the pitch has been crap of late, and the atmosphere inside the ground has been flat to say the least. Mismanagement both on and off the pitch has severely hit the club over the past few years, and a lot of us have struggled to come to terms with where it was heading. Being let down all of the time is hard to take for some people.

On the pitch, you have to take the view that Sam has to try to find a way of playing that suits the squad currently at his disposal. I suppose that is also true of how the chairman & owner are looking at things behind the scenes. One step at a time. Solid foundations are needed, but a bit of cash for a bit of quality in January wouldn't go amiss.

The game against Arsenal shows the players can do it. From my point of view, that has set the benchmark. Whilst the quality wasn't superb, and mistakes were made, the level of effort and determination not only to avoid defeat, but to try to win was excellent. Had we managed to sneak a winner, I don't think Arsenal could have complained. Although Arsenal produce some superb movement & passing, some of their antics were a disgrace and an embarrassment to themselves, their club and their fans. Perhaps straight red cards instead of yellows might put a stop to diving & feigning injury.

Saturday's game against Birmingham should show whether the penny has finally dropped. Last night reminded us that the team can feed off the crowd and the crowd can feed off the team. Itís a win - win situation.

It is not easy to have blind faith in something - you have to truly believe and have it in your soul. If that's how you feel about the club, then get to the match Saturday and every other match, and get behind the team. If it's not, then stay away.

United we stand..