Season 2007-08 Result
Newcastle United 2-1 Birmingham City
 O.Martins 37 (pen),
 Beye 90.
 Jerome 9.
Date: 08/12/2007  Venue: St.James' Park  Competition: Premiership
Crowd: 49,948
Match Report Submitted on 13/12/2007 by ?
Shaken Not Stirred.
After Wednesday’s battling performance I was fully expecting 3 points today. We got them, eventually, but in typical Newcastle United style, it was hard work.

George was absent today – he had other arrangements: GOLF! Not your usual golf, but charity ‘Pub Golf’. An idea his brother-in-law Billy, had nicked from some students. 18 pubs in 9 hours, 18 different drinks, each drink has a par (how many slurps you can take, eg Guinness par 5, White Wine par 3) if you go over par you’re fined, £50 into the kitty – all proceeds to charity. Sounded like hell to me, however the general feeling was that George would manage. Indeed, he was in The Sporties before the bus left for the match collecting in his charity bucket an hour before the pub golf started……….

“Ya having a drink George?”
“Go on then, but just a half!!”

Due to the traffic there was no time for a pint in The Irish Centre – I wasn’t too bothered, I was going out tonight. So it was straight into the ground to see the end of the Villa/Pompey game.

Trapper also had booze on the brain today when he took Martini to score the first goal.

49,948 is our lowest league crowd of the season, yet somehow the atmosphere still seemed a much better than the games prior to Arsenal. Perhaps the Doom-mongers & ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ Allerdyce haters are staying away. The away following were disappointing – at least the Scousers & Cockneys generate some banter with the Ultras on level 7, all the Brummies could muster up was ‘We are City, Birmingham City’. We know who you are FFS!
Thought they were going to Smogland?

By my reckoning George would have only been in the third pub (Guinness in O’Niells) by the time Birmingham took the lead. A long ball from defence, which Rozehnal made a pigs ear of by allowing Jerome to get goalside, he subsequently rounded Given and we were 1-0 down within the first 10 mins. We were the better team, creating the most chances when Martins (or was it Martini) was felled in the box. He got up to convert the penalty which Taylor nearly saved.

Meanwhile George was celebrating with a par 3 glass of Champagne in (predictably) The Champagne Bar.

The lead up to half time was our best spell of the game. Butt was replaced by Viduka and we adopted a 4-2-4 formation. A Rozehnal header from a corner hit the woodwork. Zog whipped in a free kick which Martins (or was it Martini) somehow managed to kick straight at Taylor from barely 3 yards out. Incredibly another N’Zogbia cross saw Tayor tip Milners effort over the bar – it looked easier to score. We didn’t want the first half to end.

We made a sluggish start to the second half and Birmingham had their best spell of the game. However our best player, Milner was still very lively and he fizzed a shot from the left across the face of goal. Barton was then booked for what could easily have been a sending off, ironically the tackle could be best described as ‘vicious’. It looked increasingly like we were going to share the points, in fact we were well into injury time when Beye forced a corner on the right and then headed it in from the near post. I always enjoy late goals, particularly if they are winners – because it means all of the early leavers have missed it. By now we reckoned ‘The Golfers’ would be somewhere between Red Wine in La Spaghattata (or The Spaghettiara as Beatle comically called it) and Real Ale in The Shakespeare.

So, thankfully we’ve started picking up points again and there should be no reason why we can’t have bagged another 6 by the time we go to Wigan on Boxing Day. With Beye beginning to shine at right back, Barton & Smith starting to live up to their reputations and Milner’s form, we are starting to look a team again. In fact on the journey home we compared the improvement of some of the players. Man of The Match would have to be Milner (or was it Martini) with Beye a very close second. However Sid is still not convinced about one of our strikers…..

‘Viduka’s as much use as a wart on a rhino’s arse’.

There was no time for a post-match pint in The Sporties as I was straight down Durham to celebrate Pamela’s birthday with a few bevvies and a meal in Zen. We left Zen at around 9.45pm and couldn’t help but notice ‘The Golfers’ in The Court Inn. With only The Dun Cow to follow The Court Inn was the 17th pub (and drink) and from what we could see in passing, Billy looked surprisingly sober……but there was no sign of George………………perhaps he had too many birdies.